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Cyda Vape

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Are you looking for a vape juice to reflect your favourite alcoholic beverage? The innovative Cyda Vapes are a vape company like no other. With a range of e juices which reflect the best in British cider, you’ll be in seventh heaven with their tart fruity flavours. With their apple and pear cider flavour you can expect a tart and crisp cider flavour, like it’s just been poured from the brewery. The crisp pears and apples will take you back to sunny summer days in the orchard, the freshness tangible as you blow out a beautiful 80 VG ratio vape cloud. It’s not just the classic pear and apple cider and zingy forest fruit and lime that makes the Cyda Vape company so exciting. Their Cyda Vape short fills give vapers a chance to vape how they like, a whole range of options opening in the guise of nic shots and extra flavours. Not only will you vape one of the only cider flavours out there, but you’ll be blessed with extra flexibility in the short fill option bottles.