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New TPD Regulations

We’re all aware of the new TPD laws which have come into effect since May last year. With Tobacco import laws being made ever more stringent, not just in the UK but across the world, it can become difficult to know where and how vape companies stand. Vaping has become part of the restrictions due to its use of nicotine in its vape products and this means that vape devices have come under much scrutiny.

There are many laws within the TPD regulations but the ones which affect vaping are the following.

Maximum refill container sizes

Refill containers refer to the containers in which you store vape juices. These are handy since if you need a place to dispense of extra vape juice until a later date, these once large containers could be your best friend. Nowadays though, we’re looking at maximum sizes of 10 ml, a serious decrease in size. This also means that there will be a growth in the amount of plastic wastage linked with vaping when one of the main points of vaping was that it was far more environmental friendly than smoking was.

New maximum on Nicotine strength

One of the draws to vaping for ex-smokers was that you can still get that nicotine hit without the dangers of smoking tobacco. Did you know that vaping is 98 percent safer than smoking tobacco? The laws should surely allow vapers to have as much nicotine as they wish to curb smoking habits? Wrong. Nowadays the limit on nicotine strength is 20 mg which could very well put off ex-smokers who were hooked on a heavy nicotine habit than vape devices will allow. Whilst the logic is that this law will stop new people getting hooked on nicotine, the reality is that it may be discouraging current smokers from turning to the safer alternative of e-cigarettes.

Maximum tank capacity

With sub ohm vaping favouring higher capacity tanks, we may be saying goodbye to these leviathans of the vape world. What we’re left with is smaller vape devices, all because of the tank capacity being that of 2 ml on a vape device. This also means extra refills as our vape devices will run out of e-liquid quicker than they did a year ago. We’ll be spending more on vape juice and wasting a whole load of it in spillages. Vape companies have had to take certain models off the market, leading to more money wasted. Get those 10 ml refill tanks at the ready, you’re going to need them when your vape tank runs out!

Other factors which have been affected

There have been a range of other factors affected by the stringent TPD laws. These include strict packaging requirements and customer notification data reporting which has meant that on the plus, the market is far more regulated but on the downside, it’ll take longer to get that killer vape liquid flavour out on the market.