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Wick Liquor

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Wick liquor make e juices which are some of the best for quick saturation. We know just how difficult it can be to find vape liquid which runs so smoothly on your device. Whether you own a dripper or a tank, your wick would get lonely without some e juice to play with and that’s where Wick liquor comes in. With a range of flavours, all with their own themes and unique tastes, there’s always going to be a Wick Liquor flavour for you. The Malibu and tropical punch of Boulevard make you feel like you’re in Hollywood on a hot day, travelling down Sunset Boulevard. Deja Voodoo flavours your life with a taste of a nation, bringing with it coconut and chula vista sugar cane, a distinct and raw sugar, unrefined and beautifully crafted. The 80 VG juices aren’t shy on their vapour production either, giving you a satisfying vape exhale thick enough to get lost in.