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The Milkman

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Milkman vape juices pride themselves on their creamy sweet flavours, giving you a new way to think about the daily milk delivery. With simple and bold packaging, these e-juice bottles could be collectibles, whilst the flavours themselves boast a wide ranging sweet tooth orientated selection.

Milkmen themselves are a comforting presence in the daily routine. We don’t know where we’d be without them, and having a vape juice company named after them is a testament to the humble job, bringing with it connotations of friendliness and helpfulness. Unlike milkmen who work in the early hours of the morning, this vape juice is for all hours of the day, in part due to their moreish nature. Just like the refreshing deliveries from their namesake, Milkman e juice will keep you reinvigorated all the way to your next hit.