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Riot Squad

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Cause a stir with the vape rebels Riot Squad. These crazy flavours experiment with the best in balance and vapour production, making them a soon to be classic in the vaping world. Whether it’s the refreshing blast from a Menthol Molotov or the fizz of their Cola Cooler there’s no denying the power of the Riot Squad vape juice. Riot Squad are well know for their punchy packaging, recognisable for their logo and it’s not just the exterior which keeps them in the mind. Flavours such as the Strawberry Scream bring a new twist to the strawberrie sand cream, flavour. Ever the innovators, Riot Squad excell at making sure that their flavours are a cut above the rest. Made solely in the UK, Riot Squad know what their market want and will strive to satisfy their fan base with every puff.