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Purity vape juices are perfect for those looking for a tobacco flavoured vape to remind them of old times. For the tobacco lovers out there who don’t quite want to give up the earthy tastes of their former unhealthy habit, then Purity e liquids are the perfect bet for a great throwback. These e liquids are known for their high precision blends of Turkish tobacco, sun cured and earthy alongside their menthol flavour which truly blows a breath of fresh air into your vape experience. Other flavours include Tribeca, a mix of tobacco with a little bit of a sweet touch. The caramel and honey notes nicely balance the Tribeca, whilst Black Calico brings Danish pipe tobacco to new heights with the added dimensions of vanilla bean for an earthy yet smoothly sweet flavour. With a range of nicotine strengths to choose from, you can be sure you can be sure to enjoy the Purity Vape flavours, whatever your nicotine needs.