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Nicotine Boosters

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Sometimes the nicotine content of a vape juice just isn’t enough. Whilst we look for vape juices which can really satisfy our needs, nicotine boosters such as Ad-nic and Just Nic are there to help us on our way to a more satisfying vape inhale. If you want to add that extra scratch to your vape inhale then a nicotine booster may be what you need. These small bottles of nicotine give you everything you need to get exactly the right amount of nicotine in your vape juice. We all know that not all vape juices suit everyone, so investing in a nicotine booster will give you more control. Originally conceived as a way round the strict TPD laws, these bottles are perfect if you need to up your nicotine intake. What’s more, they’re affordable and come in a range of different sizes, ensuring their longevity as a great addition to your vape accessory collection.