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Top Tips For Enjoying Dalston

Travelling into deep East London, you can find some unexpected gems. With areas such as Shoreditch being home to some of the best retail opportunities out there, such as Shoreditch e-liquid shop Noble Vaping, you may want to take a trip out of your comfort zone. There’s plenty to see and do just a short bus ride or overground journey away in the vibrant community of Dalston. Whilst Shoreditch always will be one of the best places for independent boutiques, Dalston is not far behind. With its vast array of nightlife and dining opportunities adding an extra slice of excitement, Dalston is giving other East London areas a run for their money.

Drinking in Dalston

When we explore great areas, one of our instincts is always to find the nearest watering hole. Part of the reason for this is that a London areas character can always be gleaned from the state of its cafes and bars. If you were to judge an area solely on these attributes then dalston would no doubt come out on top. With bars such as the Untitled Bar bringing a relaxing environment in which to eat and drink. With a Japanese inspired menu and a unique drinks list, Untitled is a great place to get a taste of Dalston’s forward thinking ideals. For a more traditional pub try out The Fox, a pub which mixes the retro feel of East London with the traditional British Pub. Serving craft ales and great lagers, this pub is for those who want a taste of Dalston as well as a stylish get-up.

Eating in Dalston

Dalston has a wide array of influences when it comes to dining. Much like many other areas in East London, Dalston is great for international cuisine. From its swathes of Turkish restaurants to the simple yet lovingly crafted tastes of gourmet fried chicken shop Chick ‘n’ Sours you’ll be spoilt for choice. Club Mexicana brings with it’s fun Mexican menu a dose of the party atmosphere so if you’re looking for 100 percent vegan street food, then this vibrant restaurant is for you. The Hanoi cafe is another must for international cuisine. Wholesome pho and noodle soups will keep you energised whilst East Asian beer choices such as Asahi and Saigon will help the delicious food go down easier than slurping a noodle.

Sightseeing in Dalston

Dalston may not be the first place you think of when it comes to sightseeing, but there are some great museums and galleries in the area. The Geffyre Museum is a must for anyone interested in exploring home life and interior decor. The museum explores this concept and has exhibits and gardens showing how home life changed from the 17th century to the present day, with a wide array of period gardens for visitors to wander through.

Entertainment in Dalston

Dalston is a must for live music lovers. From the buzzing Birthdays bar and Shacklewell Arms putting on regular and cheap hard hitting music shows you’ll be leaving the trendy East London borough with ringing ears. If theatre and performance is more your thing then check out the Arcola Theatre for a range of local and international theatre productions, both classical and contemporary.

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