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What Makes Shoreditch Buzz

Shoreditch isn’t just home to great Shoreditch vape shops, it’s also an area which encapsulates the whole of London in a nutshell. Whether you’re there to shop, have a nice meal or soak in some culture, Shoreditch remains one of the most popular areas of the city for many ages.

Why is Shoreditch so popular?

When you ask what makes Shoreditch so popular, what you’re really asking is what makes East London so popular. The reason for this is that Shoreditch encapsulates everything people love about the Eastern side of the city. With its charming echos of Victorian London in the warehouses and old factories, to its narrow warrens of streets, the area has a nostalgic and scruffy atmosphere, reflecting the urban informality and creativity which oozes from the area.

The arts in Shoreditch

With that in mind, the arts are thriving in the Shoreditch community. With plenty of inspiration to take from the multicultural community to the grisly history of Jack the Ripper, it’s no surprise that there’s so much music art and performance in this area of the city.

Rich Mix

Rich Mix has been East London’s independent art centre since the early noughties, and has championed diversity and political awareness ever since it’s opening. With its aims to represent all members of the Shoreditch community, the venue consists of performance spaces, rehearsal studios and a cinema. Screening the best in critically acclaimed blockbusters whilst also hosting a variety of film festivals, the Rich Mix manages to walk that tightrope crowd pleasing and socially relevant.

Shoreditch Town Hall

With a history as a boxing ring and a music hall, Shoreditch town hall has a past which spans back into the Victorian era. This magnificent building is now an arts venue and very classy restaurant and bar and showcases the best in local and international artists.

Shopping in Shoreditch

Shoreditch isn’t just known for its high street shops. Part of its retail charm comes from the flow of independent boutiques and quirky pop ups which turn up on its streets on an almost weekly basis.

Box Park

If entering Shoreditch from the Shoreditch High Street Overground station, then this will be one of the first places you see. As what is essentially a shopping centre made of repurposed shipping containers, even if you don’t buy or drink anything from its artisan coffee shops and vintage and high fashion pop ups, you can still be wowed by the sheer ingenuity behind it.

Brick Lane

With an historic Bangladeshi and Jewish community having made their home in the area, Brick Lane is a haven for Indian restaurants, bakeries and most recently independent boutiques. For a real taste of Shoreditch check out the Old Truman’s Brewery, just off Brick Lane. Here you can find a range of record shops, bars and galleries which truly reflect the thriving party and arts scene which Shoreditch is famous for.

Columbia Road flower market

A little off the beaten track, this is a must for botany lovers looking for a new dash of colour for their home. The Columbia Road flower market takes place every Sunday and is jam packed with flowers and plants being sold by local market sellers and flower professionals.



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