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Shoreditch’s Best Independent Shops

Finding places to shop in Shoreditch isn’t that hard. Between the high rise start up offices and banging bars and music venues, you’ve got a lot to choose from and a whole range of local clientele with great taste. That’s why so many independent boutiques have done so well in the area, managing to bring in new customers whilst amassing a faithful following from those who live and work in the hip area. Whether you’re stationed in one of the nearby banks or typing away in a communal work space start-up company, you’ll always want to have a gander in the area. Not only this, but Shoreditch is a massive selling point for tourists in London; the rich history surrounding the East End of London brings thousands of tourists to the area every month. It can get overwhelming though, what with the rush hour hustle and bustle to buy Christmas presents and the drunken revellers on the weekend. That’s why we’ve picked some of our favourite independent boutiques and shops in Shoreditch so that you at least have something to start with when visiting.

Noble Vaping

We all know that vaping has been on the rise for around a decade now, to the point where it is no longer a smoking cessation tool but a way of life. That’s what we at Noble Vaping, the best Shoreditch Vape Shop have sussed out. Located on Great eastern Street, Noble incorporates a communal feel with its sofas and spacious layout so that you can hang out with fellow vapers and try out some of the new flavours, mods and devices which the shop keeps only the best examples of.

Beyond Retro

Hiding just beyond Brick Lane, Beyond Retro is a chain of large vintage clothes and are all reasonably priced for the second hand nature yet surprisingly on trend selection. Especially great for winter, the shop has one of the best jumper collections you’d possibly need to keep you warm over Christmas and in the dark of the winter months, you can’t miss the garish yellow signage.


Looking for a cheap pair of Doc Martins? Blackmans is the place to go, located on Cheshire Street, this small locally run shop sells sturdy boots and smart casual shoes which are built to last, and for half the price. If you’re looking for something a little more short term, they also sell plimsoles for £5 a pair! This shop has real character and is well worth a visit for anyone with an interest in the most independent of independent shops.

The Camden Watch Company

Based in Shoreditch’s Boxpark, the haven of popup shops in repurposed shipping containers, the Camden Watch Company is a watch shop which pays tribute to the industrial history of the UK, creating new spins on Victorian pocket watches and novelty London memorabilia. If you’re visiting the city, then this cute store in the Boxpark complex is a great place to find some mementos for your trip and souvenirs for loved ones.

Rough Trade East

London has a rich history of music and musical innovation. Nothing says this more than the Rough Trade East record shop. Not only do they sell the best in new music and independent releases, but they also sell art books and music related film and literature. If there was ever a shop in Shoreditch for a music geek then this is it. With the lively and social atmosphere inviting you to join for a coffee or a beer, the shop is also home to its own music venue, playing regular showcases and hosting signings from the best musicians on the scene today. Whatever you’re taste in music; you’ll find it, and likeminded people in the Old Truman’s Brewery complex just off Brick Lane.


Goodhood sells the best in minimalist streetwear for women and men of all ages. Whether you’re looking for accessories a new jumper or a new pair of trainers, Goodhood works with designers from all over the world to bring only the cutting edge in high street fashion. Located on Curtain Road, this sleek shop has an interior which is spare and hip, with glass display cases showing their new wares and industrial tinged wooden displays which would be any interior designers dream come true.


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