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Why can’t the media make up its mind about e-cigarettes?

So, you click on one article on an online newspaper source and you’re told that new research suggests vaping is unhealthy for you. You click on another one b the same journalist or blogger, and find that he is also saying it’s a safe alternative to smoking. Confusing, right? People up and down the country are being misled or have their time wasted by media sources that simply can’t make up their minds about vaping. Why is it that the Daily Mail is using one pro-vaping study to demonstrate a point and other pieces of anti-vaping research?

Vaping is a new phenomenon

Whilst Turkey has recently become far more stringent on the selling of vape devices and other countries have outright banned them, it’s not just the newspapers that can’t make up their minds but entire countries as well. It seems that with the new TPD laws that came out earlier this year, people don’t quite know where to place vape devices on a national level. This is reflected in media outlets reporting contradictory news about them and is mainly down to the fact that for many, vaping is a grey area. Only as we explore it further will its true potential and the lengths to which it could help people become apparent; until then, there will always be contradictory claims.

Nicotine is a topic of concern

As an addictive substance, nicotine will always be up for debate and is the main reason why in countries such as Saudi Arabia, vaping is completely illegal. Despite the fact that vaping is proven to be 98 percent safer for users than smoking tobacco is, there is still the issue of nicotine, the main ingredient in vape juice which establishes it as a smoking cessation tool. As long as there’s controversy around nicotine, there’ll be contradictory articles.

Controversy sells

At the end of the day, newspapers love a scandal. It sells more papers and gets more views. If there’s a new study on vaping, newspaper editors know that it will be of interest. The more of a frenzy you can spin out of something, the more people will keep coming back to find out more. This is why vaping has become such a hot topic to the point of being nonsensical.

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