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Feasts In East – Where To Eat In Shoreditch And Hoxton

Vaping only fills you up so much. With great flavours which often taste exactly like the real thing, you’ll be gasping for a cherry pie or even a pizza (yes, there is even pizza flavoured vape juices). Whilst there is a range of top quality Shoreditch Vape Shops in the East of London, you may want to try the real thing when it comes to food flavours. With that in mind you should check out a few of the great restaurants serving up a diverse range of dishes in Hoxton and Shoreditch. With a history of cultural diversity, Shoreditch in particular has opened the door to many ethnicities who have immigrated to the area. This has meant that East London has an especially vibrant Bangladeshi and Jewish cuisine scene on top of the already stellar array of fine dining experiences. Whether it’s street food or a three course meal, finding the perfect eatery in Shoreditch and Hoxton has never been easier.

Beigel Bake

Based on the iconic Brick Lane, Beigel Bake is a bagel shop open for 24 hours a day. Despite being a takeaway, this bagel shop is worth a visit at any hour of the day in part because of its vast selection of fillings which range from salmon and cream cheese to chopped herring. Whatever you fancy in a quick pick me up lunch, you’ll find at the Beigel Bake which has a history spanning back to the mid 70’s.

Spitalfields food Market

This is a must for anyone looking for a traditional London market experience. Aside from the great range of food stalls showcased from around the world, the Spitalfields Market is home to arts and crafts stalls and vintage fashion. For the best street food in East London, be sure not to miss the likes of Poppies East End Fish and Chips as well as the family run African inspired Jollof Box.

Viet Hoa Café and Mess

Concocting modern twists on Vietnamese cooking, this Shoreditch based restaurant is an urban Asian food emporium which whisks you from wholesome broths to delicate entrees, all hand made by professional chefs. The canteen has grown from its roots as a café and safe space for Vietnamese refugees and now serves up eat in, takeaway and deliveries for all of Shoreditch to enjoy. If you want to see where the East London “Pho Mile” started, then look no further than the Viet Hoa Café.

Amici Miei

The Italian Kitchen based in Hoxton is known for its diverse range of Italian inspired dishes. The restaurant has a selection of antipasti, pizzas and pasta dishes alongside seasonal variations which always go down a treat. With sourdough pizzas made using a slow rise 48 hour process, you can be sure of maximum quality and a hearty Italian meal.

100 Hoxton

100 Hoxton is located in, you guessed it, Hoxton and is a trendy restaurant serving a range of different cuisines. Whether it’s a prawn noodle dish or an Indian inspired yoghurt dessert, there’s a range of tastes available all neatly presented and upped even more in atmosphere by their heady cocktails. The best thing about fusion restaurants is that you can sample a bit of all cultures, making this a diverse and upmarket experience for anyone looking to try some less traditional dishes.


Albion is an upmarket version of your everyday greasy spoon and delivers classic all day breakfast type meals. Another pro to the well-known formula of hearty food is that it’s set up for the solo diner too; tables for one allowing for a bit of peace and quiet for visitors who merely want a quick bite to eat in a relaxing atmosphere. With devilled kidneys, mash and fish and chips on the menu, it doesn’t get any more Shoreditch than this.


This Indian diner is ornately designed and provides an authentic atmosphere for those looking for something slightly different from their Indian meal. With Bombay Omelettes and Keem per Edu offering a great spicy chicken breakfast, Dishoom is inspired by years of cooking expertise. The great thing about Dishoom is that it is open pretty much all day, the menus changing with the meal times, meaning that you can pop in for breakfast in the morning and a cocktail heavy dinner in the evening!


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