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Getting To Grips With Vaper Slang

Vaping is a cultural phenomenon, and much like with the internet and texting, a whole language has developed around it. If it sounds like people are speaking in an alien tongue and there’s a vape cloud near them, they may very well be using vaping terminology. If you’re new to the hobby, then don’t feel intimidated if you’re in a vape shop and faced with new words, simply get to know them. Below you can find just a few of the vaping terms which could help you dive deeper into the world of vapes.


This is the unit of measurement with which an atomiser’s resistance is measured. Put simply, with a lower ohm, you’ll have better throat hits.

Throat hit

What’s a throat hit, I hear you ask. This is the satisfying feeling you get when vapour reaches the back of your throat. Another variation is “throat kick”


Vooping refers to the trend of vaping whilst on the loo.

Flooding your vape device

This is a problem many vapers encounter when they put too much vape juice in their device. It is when e-liquid manages to get into the centre tube and can happen for a variety of reasons. This includes a leaky cartridge, too much vape juice in your device or a broken atomiser head.


Mods refer to modified e-cigarettes. These are popular among vaping veterans who use mods to optimise their vaping experience to suit their exact taste

OMG Non-vaper

This one refers to vapers who use nicotine free vape juice and works best when you pronounce “OMG” as “zero MG.”

The deck

The deck in your vape device is the interior area in which your wick and coils sit, the literal deck of your vape device.


As opposed to being a large war machine, a vape tank is the container on you vape device where the vape juice sits. These vary in size, depending on the type of device you have.




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