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Six Great Things To Do In Shoreditch

Shoreditch is a killer area, not just because of its Jack the Ripper history but for when it comes to top attractions as well. With Shoreditch vape shops abound, you’ll have no problem finding some of the best things to do in London. With trendy bars, a vibrant arts scene and arguably the widest variety of shopping choices in the city, spending a day, if not several in Shoreditch has never been easier.

Find some of the best street art in the UK

Shoreditch is known for its urban art scene, and finding it has never been easier. It’s in the name; street art is found in the street and this makes it open to all members of the public. Not only is it accessible to all members of the public but as a form of protest art, is often layered and bold in its social commentary. This makes areas like Brick Lane and the surrounding streets well worth a gander as you never know if you’ll come across the next Banksy and if you’re lucky, a piece by the elusive artist himself.

Shopping in Shoreditch

Whatever your tastes you won’t be disappointed in Shoreditch; try some winter shopping in the East End for a wide variety of independent boutiques and oddities for one of the best shopping trips in the city. With Brick Lane offering arts, clothes and cafes as well as Box Park just round the corner with it’s pop up designer shops, you’ll not only be finding some of the trendiest retailers, but great value as well. It’s not only clothes and arts though, there are plenty of special interest shops in Shoreditch, including a number of Shoreditch Vape shops where you can find the best devices and juices on the market in a lively, fun and sociable atmosphere.

Enjoy a rooftop film at Pillow Cinema

Rooftop cinemas are all the rage these days. A night in at the Rooftop Cinema incorporates comfy night seating with big screen projections of both classic and critically acclaimed recent films. Whether it’s hitting the hay with Hitchcock or a sleepover with Spielberg, this gorgeous rooftop cinema comes with comfy bean bags and a complementary blanket for those colder nights. There’s something for everyone at the Pillow Cinema, so if it’s a romantic date or a kids party, there’s always an option suited to you. On top of this, the venue is available for private hire!

Shoreditch town hall and its rich history of performance

Located on Old Street, Shoreditch Town Hall is one of the most acclaimed arts venues in the city. This town hall dates back to 1866 when it was used as a music hall and a boxing venue from the mid-20th century. Nowadays however, it has become one of the most prolific non-traditional arts venues in the city and hosts a range of music concerts, theatre and performance art.

Party at some of London’s best clubs

Shoreditch is well known for some of the best nightlife in the city. With the prolific XOYO nightclub and music venue just round the corner from Old Street Station and the Magic Roundabout operating out of the very station itself, there’s always a venue where you can get your groove on. If you’d prefer to stay off your feet in the evenings then Shoreditch holds some of the best bars and traditional English pubs in the East End. If it’s a traditional pint of ale or stout then head to The Fox pub to feel at one with London’s commuters. If it’s a fancy cocktail and professional mixologists, then Strong rooms is the place to try.

Play tipsy ping pong at Bounce

Table Tennis and drinking may not be the first pairing you’d think of going hand in hand. In this case they go to bat in hand, with ample opportunities for ball and bat beginners and pros to try their hand at the sport in a lively party atmosphere. What’s more, you can find virtual reality ping pong experiences in the venue, whilst the tables themselves are refereed by lively comperes. With tables to hire for parties and events, drinks flowing and table tennis hot shots hosting the fun, Bounce is one of the most unusual yet popular nights out in the city.


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