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Strapped For Cash In East? Here’s Some Cheap Shoreditch Shopping Tips

It’s that time of the year where we have to start counting our pennies. With Christmas right round the corner, we have to watch ourselves if we want to shop, especially if we have to strictly adhere to that Christmas wish list from our loved ones and friends. Secret Santa presents at work or with friends will begin to build up and drain the bank as well. With all that hard work you’re putting in, surely you’re allowed a treat as well? That’s where Shoreditch comes in. This shoestring budget haven is perfect for those looking to treat themselves when times are tight, whether it’s that new pair of shoes, street food or indulging a new hobby, Shoreditch will have what you need.

Beyond Retro

Based just off of Brick Lane, Beyond Retro is the go to for affordable second hand fashion. Whether it’s a quirky jumper or a pair of dungarees, Beyond Retro will have a pair and then some. The cheap price tag doesn’t diminish the quality however, and with clearance sales and piles and piles of clothes to sift through, everyone will find something to suit their style, whether it be a hat for the winter, a new pair of shoes or a new summer dress.

Noble Vaping

On top of its top notch vape sales, Noble Vaping is a connoisseur of vape products. Located just up from Shoreditch High Street station, this vape shop’s brick walled wood panelled interior is not only inviting, but the shelves are kitted out with the best new vape products. One thing which many non-vapers forget about vaping is just how social the hobby is, so when you’re faced with the great sales and inviting sofas, Noble Vaping becomes one of the most social vape showrooms in the city, all at an affordable price!

Box Park

Box Park is home to an ever changing collage of affordable fashion shops from across the world. The pop up shops are stationed within repurposed shipping containers and you won’t be able to miss them stacked high outside Shoreditch high street station. With it’s amazing range of styles and designers showing off their wares from countries as diverse as the US and Norway, you’ll want to sit down and relax afterwards. That’s where the upstairs cafes and eateries come in, all laid out across a bed of astro-turf greenery which adds a little touch of nature to the hustle and bustle of the surrounding Shoreditch concrete. This gives you the perfect backdrop to some of the most affordable and trendy shopping in the area. Be quick though, the pop up stores disappear as quickly as a games console on black Friday.


For the best in arts and crafts, you’ll find it difficult to find somewhere better than Street Maiden. On top of this you can find kitchenware, jewellery and many gifts which cater to all ages. Whether it’s an art shop oddity or a functional kitchen tool, Maiden is a great place to find that unexpected Christmas gift.


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