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Cleaning Your Vape Device – The Ins And Outs

Vaping regularly can often lead to a few problems. The lazier among us (me included) will not even give second thought to taking our vaping device apart unless we really need to. It can be a faff, all the parts coming loose and having to work out how to put it all back together again; a real jigsaw acting as a hurdle between you and your precious vape time. The fact of the matter however, is that it’ll have to come apart eventually. Vape devices, just like every other man made and used device in the world needs to be fine-tuned, cleaned and parts replaced. If you want a vape device which is working at full capacity and gives you the maximum satisfaction, then you should learn how to clean your device. Keeping your device in good condition will ensure it stays unblocked and doesn’t break, making sure you get the most out of your vape investment.

So what methods are there for cleaning vape devices?

Rinsing your vape device

Or you can simply rinse your vape device in warm water. Take apart your tank and make sure that any replaceable coil heads in your set up are kept separate from the rest of the pieces whilst you give them a clean. After rinsing your tank out, place all the pieces of your vape device into the sink and make sure that you give it a good few minutes to soak. You can then take your device out of the sink and then use either paper towels or a blow dryer (on low heat) to dry out your device before putting it back together.

Propylene Glycol deep rinse

Investing in a bottle of plain propylene glycol can be a great way to keep your vape device clean. Even though it is one of the ingredients of vape liquid, the substance can really help to give your vape device the deep rinse out it needs. The same principle as before applies; make sure that you have a bowel of the viscous liquid and have submerged all the parts in it before rinsing it off with water. This method is a useful one for cleansing your device of any past flavour, giving your device a complete purge of past flavours. Nothing like a clean start!

Vinegar and ethanol

Giving your vape device a vinegar bath can be a great substitute for those who can’t find or afford propylene glycol. The vinegar or ethanol cleanses the device parts before you give them a rinse of water and are great due to their high acidity. This helps purge the device of any past flavours and unclog any gunk which has built up.

Coil changing

Coils will eventually grow tired and will build up with gunk, coil hot spots and worn metal, all leading to such side effects as burnt flavours and circuit short outs. Replacing your coil is easy as it should fit right into your device. The choice you have when it comes to coil replacing is whether you buy a premade one (beginners take note) or build your own using wire cutters and your preference of double or single coils.

Ultrasonic Cleaners

Usually used for cleaning antique jewellery, this cleaning kit is perfect for those who want to really deep clean their vape device and have a lot to clean in quick succession.


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