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The Wonderful World Of Squonk Mods

In the weird and wonderful world of vaping there have been many new innovations which have seen the rise of feats of creative and technological innovation. As the still-young vape industry grows, more and more people are finding was to make sub ohm vaping more powerful, create bigger vape clouds and of course, enhance the flavour of their vape juice. That’s where the Squonk mod comes in. A relatively new addition to the world of vaping, the Squonk mod seems to be becoming ever more popular. From the Vandy Vape to the Eleaf Pico squeeze, you have a wide variety of high class squonk mods to choose from.

So what is squonking?

Using similar designs as rebuildable dripping atomizers, Squonk mods up the game by being bottom feeding rather than having to drip as you go, as you do with RDA’s. The Squonk mods allow you to fill up your tank with vape juice whilst also keeping the wick saturated, leading to maximum flavour.

With RDA’s dripping for that extra bit of flavour made things rather difficult if you were trying to vape on the go. Dripping in e liquid every time you take a puff is a process full of fuss. Squonking has changed all that and allowed for easy on the go vaping which enhances your flavour experience.

The design

Squonk mods are built on box mod designs and use something called a Squonk hole, in which you can feed small amounts of e liquid into. It is this hole which leads straight to the atomiser and wick to be saturated.

Is it for me?

If you’re already an avid user of drippers, then squonk mods are the next step up. The 7-10 ml tanks that come with them are great as they carry more than enough juice for an entire day. On top of this the easy to sue dripping technique is simple for both beginners and experts, whilst the all in one kit which are starting to become available mean they are great value for money.

One problem with vaping with squonks is that the market is limited. Whilst there are many devices out there, squonk mods are small in number and fairly artisan, making them harder to come by than your average RDA. It is also easy to under and over squonk if you do not gauge the amount of vape juice you’re dripping.

Does Squonking represent the future of vaping?

With many bottom feed pins being designed to be squonk friendly, as well as more and more companies beginning to cater to them. Despite their currently limited availability they are becoming increasingly popular due to their ease of and enhanced use. With mainstream popularity finally hitting squonking since its 8 years of existence, squonking has had to push its tank sizes down due to the new TPD laws minimising them to 2ml. This hasn’t stopped Squonks though, with reconfigurations to their tank designs keeping them popular.



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