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Nicotine detox – how long does nicotine stay in your system for?

Some salaried jobs may ask you to undergo a blood test for health insurance reasons. The idea here is that by testing the contents of your blood or body, they can assess whether you’re a safe bet for health insurance. Nicotine in the body to a health insurance company has you identifying as a smoker and as a smoker you are leading an unhealthier lifestyle. This therefore means that your health insurance will be riskier to cover.

The problem now is that as more and more people give up smoking and take up the far healthier e cigarette, there is still a blanket judgement put on both smokers and non-smokers due to recognising nicotine as “unhealthy”. The vapers out there looking for health insurance may have to consider switching to nicotine-less vape juices or detoxing completely to increase their odds in the currently unfair testing climate.

Of course, there are other reasons you may be tested for nicotine aside from health insurance assessments. Whether it’s part of a health kick or for your professional sports team, there are plenty of ways to find out whether you have nicotine in your system.

Nicotine, or cotinine, it’s broken down compound post digestion by the liver will stay in your system for around two weeks and will be detectable through the following methods.

Blood samples

Blood samples are often used in drugs tests and are very accurate at detecting nicotine and its derivatives. The exact amount of time that the nicotine will stay in your system will vary however. This could be due to age, height, gender or even race. Usually you will be able to flush out the nicotine completely in between one or two weeks. There are two types of blood test for nicotine. Firstly, is a simple positive or negative test, whilst the second is focused on the amount of nicotine in the system.

Urine sample

Cotinine can be found in the urine in quantities six times higher than that of other means of testing. This means that it is the best way to detect lower levels of nicotine in your system.


Saliva testing may be one third as powerful as blood testing and one fifteenth as potent as urine testing, but is also the easiest to undertake. Using swabs, these tests are easily and painlessly undertaken and take up less time and money.

Hair samples

Hair samples are the most reliable method of picking up low levels of cotinine levels and are the go to for scientists and researchers exploring smoking and nicotine. The reason for this is because unlike urine and blood, hair can retain nicotine for as long as three months.

Nicotine Detox

Cleansing the body of nicotine can take up to two weeks if you’re a heavy smoker. With many body purification products on the market, it’s difficult to say exactly which ones will work and which won’t. Your best bet is to keep active; a body with a faster metabolism is likely to process chemicals within it far quicker. Healthier lives can break down nicotine into cotinine at a faster rate, so keeping yourself in physically good condition will increase your chances of getting rid of the nicotine in your body. Natural methods of detoxi

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