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7 Signs You’re Officially A Vaper

It’s easy to fall into clichés whatever you do. For creatives it’s unwittingly becoming the self-indulgent “tortured artist”, for football fans it’s football chants and being a “lad.” Whatever your hobby or interest, there’s boundless troupes that come alongside letting an aspect of your life overtake the whole. The same goes with vaping. Whatever your reason for starting the hobby, there are a few traits that come alongside it. You may not classify yourself as one but when you start to display these signs, it’s maybe time to start re-evaluating your status from “casual vaper” to “vaping veteran.”




Your e-cig charger takes precedence

It’s easy to survive without a phone. You’re vape on the other hand is no laughing matter. When there’s only one plug socket available and you decide to charge you’re vape over your other electronic devices, you’ve already converted to the cloudy side.

Recommended ads and videos? Always for vaping!

Is it a regular occurrence that whenever you’re on YouTube, the recommended videos are for vape reviews and vloggers? This will happen and often, like many casual internet browsers, you’ll only half realise you’re watching them! The same goes for targeted advertising on ecommerce websites. The more you browse vape juice and e-cigs online, the more offers you’ll get. The same goes with your email inbox. No longer are you receiving fun GIFS from friends, but instead promo offers from vape retailers. Not to worry, it’s totally fine that you’re a vaping veteran, you might even find some sweet deals amid all those promo emails.

Profile picture or cloud?

That charming profile picture you had before has gone up in a puff of smoke. Now that you’re vape mad, no one get a snap of you without you blowing a dragon-like cloud. The result is that all your profile pictures resemble a foggy a day.

Your irked by the vaping is smoking naysayers

There is always going to be a rabid critic out there who insists that vaping is as bad as smoking. You see and hear so much of this tripe that it’s come to the point that you drown it out with the sound of your e-cig.

Your trusty lighter is no more

Your friend asks you to light a barbeque, someone out in the street asks if you have a lighter, that candle lit dinner? You can say goodbye to the old days of digging around your pockets to find that precious flame. Now that you’re vaping you have no need to carry one.

Mad man mix and matching has become the norm

Whatever the combination, you’ll mix it up. Now that you’re experienced enough to invest in mods and the DIY culture of vaping, you’ve begun to mix your flavours together… to varying success.

Anything could be a mod

You could be watching someone write with a pen, recycling tin cans, hosing the garden but wherever you are your mind is racing as to how you could turn it into a mod. Now you’re fully integrated into the DIY vaping culture, your creative juices are truly flowing.


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