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How To Store Vape Juice Correctly

For the novice vaper, storing e juice may seem as easy as putting your food in the cupboard. Vape liquid is just that -  liquid -  right? The short answer is both yes and no. The fact of the matter is that although vape liquid is only made up of a few ingredients, far less than tobacco is, there are still some unwanted chemical processes which you’ll have to look out for if you want to keep your vape juice in good condition. For the best results when vaping never forget the complexities of chemicals such as Propylene Glycol and vegetable glycerine, two of the main ingredients in vape juice.

Common Mistakes

Many people have often debated the pros and cons of keeping an e liquid in the fridge. The supposed benefits are that it is kept cool in there and therefore highly unlikely to evaporate in sunlight. The other benefits include the fact that it will be safe in there from harm, the fridge being a secure environment.

However, there are several reasons why you shouldn’t store your ejuice in an environment such as the fridge. Firstly consider the temperature at which the juice is being stored. Although you don’t want your ejuice to be stored at a temperature which is too high, you certainly don’t want it stored too cold either. Room temperature, or just below is perfect for vape liquids.

The cooler temperature of the fridge can cause flavour change in the vape juice partly due to a process called re-crystallisation. Any sugary vape juice could harden, much in the same way as honey stored in the fridge and this can take away the potency of the flavour.

On top of this, the contrast of the vape juice and the cold air of the fridge could cause condensation. Fridges contain foodstuffs, and foodstuffs attract microbes and bacteria. If you leave your vape juice open, it could be contaminated by these organisms. Whilst you’re certainly not going to get food poisoning or any illness from everyday air, these bacteria could damage the eliquid and affect the flavour once again.

The main things to keep in mind when storing vape juice is that it can be affected by heat, light and air. Making sure that your juice is kept safe from these three elements will make it last longer.

Why light, you ask? The issue with light is an issue with nicotine. Nicotine is very sensitive to UV light and oxygen because it is oxidised by it. When nicotine is oxidised, it becomes cotinine and loses several hydrogen atoms. The more this process occurs, the less nicotine in your vape juice and the less bang for your buck.

The relationship between heat and vape juice is rather simple really. If you leave your vape juice to store on a full blast radiator then it’s molecules will have more energy, the hotter it gets, interacting with other ingredients or breaking down into smaller parts.

Best tips to store your vape juice

For the first time vaper we understand if this feels a little like information overload. All these do’s and don’ts could start weighing you down. The truth of the matter is that there are only a few things you must keep in mind whilst storing your ejuice. That is to

. Keep the juice away from direct sunlight.

. Make sure it is stored at room temperature.

. For long term storage, keep it in glass. Over time. Plastic containers can interact with the juice.


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