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What is the right nicotine level for me?

Here we’ll tackle this age old question which will be the worry of any first time vaper.

Nicotine is a substance which has been long disputed as to its properties and uses. Due to the fact that has been used in tobacco for so many years, nicotine has been given a bad rep as an addictive substance. The fact of the matter is that it is not classed as a carcinogen but is also known to be an addictive substance. With this in mind, much debate has surrounded nicotine concerning its benefits and its hindrances. Either way nicotine is being used in vape juices so as to act as a smoking cessation tool for ex-smokers. For these people using vaping as a healthier alternative, the question is often asked which strength vape juice to go for so as to keep yourself from ingesting more than you’re used to.



So what is nicotine?

Extracted from the nightshade family of plants as well as in the tobacco plant, of which 14 percent constitutes nicotine. Dry tobacco’s weight is made up of around 0.6 to 3 percent of nicotine and the stimulating effects of it on mammals can be highly addictive. In the past, alternative uses of nicotine have included it being an insecticide and in pharmaceutical drugs. Nicotine is often used as a performance enhancer due to its positive effects on alertness and concentration, some of the effects found to be addicting by people who smoke tobacco.

So the real question is that as a vaper it can often be hard to choose the right nicotine level. Most vape juices come with an option of several as well as countless vape flavours and finding the right one for you is vital if you want to enjoy your use of the product.

So what are the nicotine strengths?

Nicotine in cigarettes

Smokers who are deemed to be on a low nicotine level are usually looking at around 6 milligrams a day. This usually amounts to around 10 cigarettes a day, still quite a lot if you think about your standard 10 pack. 12 mg is deemd to be the medium level, amounting to a hefty 20 cigarettes a day and 18milligrams or 1.8% nicotine content is a whopping 30 mg a day. It doesn’t stop there though, 24 mg is the highest you can get to and this is equivalent to 60 cigarettes a day. For this level you’d have to be chain smoking or having a cigarette at least every half hour of the day.

Nicotine and e liquids

Depending on your smoking habits, you’ll be looking for a vape nicotine strength which will match your requirements.

18 MG

A 10 ml bottle of vape juice will have enough juice in it to meet your needs if you are a heavy smoker. If the throat hit is too strong for you then it is worth considering less intense nicotine content. There are amny juices which reach up to 18 mg and it is also possible to mix your own if you’re into DIY vaping. Before the TPD laws kicked in last May, the highest content was 24 mg.

12 MG

This is best suited for the mid-level smoker, 12 mg of nicotine in your vape juice will suffice your needs. Instead of smoking ten cigarettes a day, try this on for a healthier size.

6 MG

If you’re a casual smoker, 6 mg is usually the right amount, keeping it slow and steady. With this level, you amy want to start out on a cig-a-like type device, which is there for smokers who are looking to cut down on smoking rather than try vape as a hobby.

0 MG

For those who are just vaping for fun and don’t need the nicotine hit, then you can go for nicotine-less vape juice which is like non-alcoholic beer in that you’ll get the same taste but nto as potent an effect.


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