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Cyprus Brings In Vape Tax

One of the most recent constraints on vaping in Europe has recently come from Cyprus. A recent law has been passed allowing the countries government to tax vape liquids. This is not a surprising turn of events; as vaping becomes ever more popular, more and more countries will put down laws which will help to capitalise on the import and export of the product. This is a relatively new occurrence since vaping is so young compared to other products such as tobacco, which has been taxed for centuries. So, if you’re an avid vaper who is visiting Cyprus any time soon, then it may be a good idea to stock up on vape products before you go.

What falls under the new tax laws?

The new laws in Cyprus were passed a few weeks ago with a majority vote which brought about a 12-cent tax per millilitre of e liquid. This new category of taxable products has been named “liquid for electornic cigarette use” but doesn’t stop there. They are also taxing heat-not-burn products such as Phillip Morris’s IQOS product. This, however, is not yet being sold in Cyprus so is not affected to the same degree. This ruling was passed by 26 MPs in favour and 17 against.

The argument against the tax was simple. With around 30 percent of Cyprus’s adults being smokers, the country is amongst the highest in Europe for tobacco consumption and therefore any product which could bring down that alarmingly high percentage, should be promoted to its full capacity. The fact that cigars, which have increased in use in Cyprus have not had a tax hike was brought up by several MP’s who were against the tax hike, arguing that the rise was not to curb smoking but for monetary gain.

So what does this mean for vaping in Cyprus? Despite country having relaxed laws on e-cigarettes in general, the laws will certainly make people think twice about swapping to vape products. This will be detrimental for a country which is already well known for having such a high smoking rate and may even have an impact on the amount of people who vape in the country. That being said, the TPD laws have all stayed the same and therefore the tax laws are seemingly unprecedented in comparison to the treatment of E-cigarettes in other countries.

Whatever the reason, it has left a sour taste in the mouth of pro-vapers, and not just from all the untaxed cigars.


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