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Vaping Included In New Tv Campaign About Quitting Smoking

Since companies such as tobacco power houses Phillip Morris have begun to move away from smoking, the NHS have slowly become more and more aware of the benefits of Vaping. The reason for the initial distrust in vaping lay in the lack of research and evidence a decade ago. However, since then, there have been extensive studies into vaping which have come to the conclusion that vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking ever was. With this information in mind, and an increase of vape device businesses using this angle to promote their products, it’s no wonder that quit smoking campaigns have finally begun to embrace vaping as a viable smoking cessation tool. In a new television advert, a quit smoking campaign uses vaping as a healthier alternative for those trying to curb their addiction.

The facts

Figures on smoking have shown a significant decrease on smoking. In the year 2000n a quarter of adults were smokers, whilst in 2016, only 15 and a half percent of over 18s were smoking. This has been counterbalanced by a rise in vaping, thus leading to the linking of the two. There is no doubt that the rise of vaping and fall of smoking figures has some sort of correlation, and a positive one at that. With 53% of ex-smokers using vaping as a cessation tool, it’s no wonder the 1.5 million strong Stoptober initiative has begun to advocate vaping as a good alternative.

Expressing caution

Although vaping has been viewed in a more positive light, it’s still a fact that people are expressing caution when advocating for vaping over smoking. It is still not offered on the NHS for quitting smoking packages but nevertheless, the every fact that they are encouraging it on television as a way to stop smoking is a big win for vapers all over the world.

New horizons for vaping

With vaping on the rise and its use on television as an option on the path to smoking quitting, this is a positive step for the industry. With many smoking companies seeing the decrease in smoking due to new TPD laws and the alarming research slowly being unveiled, we may be looking at a tobacco free future in which vaping becomes the new, and healthier normal.


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