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Vape Battery Running Low? Innokin Energy System May Be The Answer

Last month at the ECC 2017 Ontario event, vape manufacturers Innokin showcased their new vape product which may be the future of e-cigarette recharging. The annual event is known for showing the best in new vape technology and this year was no different. The vape manufacturer’s new efficient technology is known as the Innokin Energy System and promises to be a very exciting development indeed.


The curse of the flat battery

For a long time now, people have had to wait a long time to recharge vape batteries. Half an hour may not be a long time objectively speaking, but when you just can’t wait to vape it can feel like hours. Furthermore, the wasted energy and electricity from even a small device like a vaporiser can build up a large carbon footprint when bundled in with the rest of the world. In an introductory email from the COO of Mountain Oak Vapors, it was revealed that Innokin had found a new way to create a sustainable and carbon footprint reducing way of charging vape batteries.

What does the Innokin Energy System do?

After years analysis and research into battery technology, Innokin have discovered a new process within batteries with which to charge vapes. The new battery can handle much more power than the last generation, mostly down to a revolutionary designed cell structure which amounts to the lifespan of 100 ordinary cells. This revolutionary new cell uses forward leaps in chemistry to take these cells to the next level and deliver more power, meaning you can charge your vape device in a mere 5 minutes.

The futures bright

Not only does this new technology act as a game changer in the vaping industry, but it will help create sustainable power in any industry or product which uses batteries to charge. The quicker time will mean that not only will things charge quicker, but the power source won’t have to add any additional energy to spark the process. The future of quick vaping looks very promising indeed.

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