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Is Vaping Is Now Being Used As A Dieting Tool?

Vaping has had many benefits since its introduction and rise in popularity. Whether it’s to curb the unhealthy and damaging habit of smoking or whether it’s for pure enjoyment, vaping is slowly overtaking smoking as the most popular use of nicotine. One new take on vaping however, is the use of it as a dieting tool. Companies such as Slissie are taking a new approach to vaping and trying to make it into a dieting tool. Whether this works or not is up to the user but below you can find some information regarding the supposed science behind it and some of the problems which are beginning to arise with this new innovation.

All you need to know about Slissie

Slissie uses a vape-like device to help people to curb snacking cravings. Using a liquid very similar to standard e-liquids, Slissie aim to curb food cravings by having them use flavoured vape liquids instead. This in turn helps to change cognitive behaviours which are related to snacking. Using this as a basis for dieting, Slissie uses a propylene glycol based e-liquid to give people the craving for flavour without the added problem of calories. Smell and taste can satiate food cravings, and making sure that this part of your brain si satisfied will help you stop needing to snack.

Problems regarding Slissie

On paper this seems like a good idea. Tricking your brain into thinking it is full up will help many people lose weight. The problem si that the quality has to be top notch to keep people coming back, without this and what has been said in user comments on the YouTube instruction videos for Slissie, is that it doesn’t actually taste very good!

Twisting views on Vaping

Another problem with Slissie is in the way that it is advertised. Although it doesn’t advertise itself as a vaping device, it could be misconstrued as one due to the similar technologies being used. It doesn’t contain any nicotine but could be mistaken to be an e-cigarette. With fake adverts being posted online for “child-friendly vapes” there could be a potential media hailstorm reigning down on the company, if it were to gain more publicity. There is the potential for Slissie to fall prey to anti-vaping campaigners who could portray it as a way to “trick” people into vaping.


With that worry, it is absolutely vital that Slissie distance themselves from vaping devices and begin to state on their website and devices that they are completely separate from the vaping industry.

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