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London Firefighters Advice – Don’t Smoke, Vape Instead

Fires caused by cigarettes have been a common problem for hundreds of years. From various tragedies over the centuries being attributed to the habit, spanning from forest fires to stadium burnings, it’s no wonder that the London Firefighters have issued a statement calling on smokers to turn to vaping as a safer option in their homes. Recently, the London Firefighters have come out with various adverts and statements urging smokers to turn to vaping, deeming it the safest option. This seems like common sense, but it’s not surprising with such an objectively new phenomenon that the safety benefits need to be reiterated by working professionals in fire safety. Tying in with “Stoptober”, a month-long campaign of anti-smoking canvassing across the country, the fire department of London have brought to light these pressing issues. In partnership with Public Health England, this campaign is set to highlight the links between fires in the home and smoking.

Fire from cigarette statistics

According to the London fire brigade, over half of the deaths caused by fires at homes were started by smoking, whilst causing 9 percent of accidental fires. Between 2013 and 2017, deaths at home caused by cigarette fires had reached an alarming 66, whilst there have been none attributed to vaping yet. Careless cigarette disposal is partly to blame for this, leading to the rallying call for increased awareness of safe cigarette disposal.

Why Vaping is better

Vaping is known to be a safe alternative for both health and the environment since it does not burn its contents for inhalation. This is obvious for the regular vaper, used to knowing that what they are inhaling is basically just water vapour, but for the regular smoker who might not be used to the technological innovations of vaping, this will come as new information. This is even more reason for the increased awareness from the London Fire Brigade.

Still be safe with your vapes

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be cautious of fires with your Vape devices. With its use of electricity, using a faulty device or the wrong power outage when charging could cause electrical fires. This is still rather rare but knowing how to take precautions is still necessary with vape devices. Always make sure your battery works properly and that it is the right fit and power outage for your device. Also, it’s crucial that you try to only charge your device when you are present or awake, so as to not miss a potential home fire.

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