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The Dangers Of Vaping Abroad And How To Prepare

As such a young industry, it’s often difficult to know where the law stands when it comes to vaping. Many people will want to travel with their devices but could come across a nasty surprise if they end up taking it out in the wrong country. Even in the UK, laws have shifted and evolved as recently as March this year, meaning that major changes in vape manufacturing had to be made. On top of this, many countries either have strict vaping laws or even bans on the product. It is therefore a very sensible idea to know where the country you’re visiting stands on vaping legislation.

Thailand bans Vaping

In recent weeks Thailand, a popular holiday and travel destination for British tourists, has banned vaping and the selling of vape products altogether. Perpetrators can face up to ten years in prison or a hefty fine if caught. For instance a young British tourist was caught with a vape device for personal use and forced to pay a £150 fine, whilst a Swiss man is on bail and awaits trial for the possession of vape devices. His hefty prison time has a potential of five years.

Other countries in the world that have banned vaping outright include Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Norway and Singapore. In Canada vaping is technically illegal as nicotine liquid isn’t approved by the Heath Authority. Although this may be the case, the law is mostly unenforced and vape products are available to buy both online and on high streets.

Countries which ban vaping.

Other vaping laws to get your head round

Even when vaping in England and bringing devices through airports, there are still rules you must adhere to so that you can diminish any chances of getting in trouble.

For instance, vape liquids must be placed in clear plastic bags when you are going through security. On top of this, when on a plane, vape devices aren’t allowed in the cargo hold and must be kept with you in the passenger section. , you are not allowed to vape on board the majority of flights. Another restriction for vapers is in regards to the batteries for vape devices. Unlike the vape devices which must be kept in your hand luggage, the batteries must be stowed away in the hold luggage.

Airport vaping

Any weary travellers looking to relax with their vape whilst waiting for their gate to open will first have to find the designated smoking area in the airport. This seems paradoxical. Vaping in a smoking area will increase your risk of passive smoking and therefore deem the health benefits of vaping pointless. Either way, the laws the law and with our rapidly changing perception of the pros and cons of vaping, we can be sure to expect more international law changes as the hobby garners even more momentum. It is advised for all vapers planning a trip that they check with the airline they’re travelling with, on the vape regulations on board their flights.


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