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Regulated And Unregulated Mods – What’s The Difference?

Whether you’re new to ecigs or a vaping veteran, you may have come across the term “regulated” and “unregulated” whilst talking to vape shop workers. The standard seems in general to be regulated mods, these being the ones that crop up most in the vape device market, whilst unregulated mods are a more tailored product.

Each type of mod has its pros and cons, and like with many vaping products, the choice is yours to make the decision which best suits your needs. The one thing that we ask for optimum customer satisfaction is that you make an informed decision. That means knowing the properties of both regulated and unregulated mods.

Regulated Mods

Regulated Mods essentially refer to devices which include safeguards and advanced features within its electronic hardware. These include but are not limited to power adjustment chipsets which ensures that the atomizer power remains at a constant level.

Take for instance a 3 Volt vape battery putting out 5 Volts. This mod will allow the charge to raise above its limit of 5 volts but will burn out once it reaches below the battery minimum voltage limit. Until this point, the output of the vape will be constant.

Fixed voltage can mean any vape from a pod vape, cigalike and the eGo pen-style vapes. These are all vapes which use fixed-voltage battery power, all of which utilise built in, regulated batteries. The regulations in mods can also come in the form of resistance limits to the atomizer coil. This means that the devices are often great for beginners, allowing them to control and cap the power they are vaping with, and thus making mild their potency.

On top of the fixed voltage mods, regulated mods include the variable voltage mod. These were introduced in 2010 and mean that the vaping experiencer can be mellowed or intensified since the device can go above or below the mod batteries output voltage. Examples of these include eGo Spinners, which use micro-processors such as the buck-boost converted to up their ante.

Variable wattage mods are also widely used and arguably go above and beyond the variable voltage mod. These devices can make sure you find your perfect power setting and keeping it that way forever if you so wish. Within this variety are a further VW development - temperature control mods, which allow users to regulate the temperature that their e-liquid is heated at.


As well as being the safest way to vape, regulated mods do most of the math for you, meaning that you don’t have to worry about voltages and wattages. This makes them accessible and easy to use for all levels of expertise and come in a variety of different models to suit every taste.


Having protections can make vapers unaware and relaxed when it comes to battery safety, the regulated mod doing most of the work for them, whilst not necessarily every coil will work on the mod due to their restrictions on the load and resistance. Advanced regulated mods can also be very difficult to wrap your head around, especially for the beginner.

Unregulated Mods

Unregulated give the vaper absolute raw battery power to the atomizer bypassing electronics, safety features and power adjustments. These are incredibly simple in their set up, usually consisting of boxes made from metal, wood or plastic and bring with it pure functional simplicity.

Despite their simplicity, these devices are in fact advanced because they can be used with any device, atomizer and coil whatever the power and resistance. This allows the hobbying vape connoisseur the freedom to explore all types of vaping experience.

vape juice

Types of Unregulated Mod

Mechanical Tube mods span back to almost ten years ago and use a single 18650 batteries set up made from a large range of material options. Devices such as the Screwdriver by Trog paved the way for the DIY vaping scene as well as the cloud blowing craze.

Squonk boxes came about not long after in 2009 with the JuiceBox. These unregulated box mods come with a built-in bottle of ejuice which is “squonked” through a small window to the atomizer. This helped start the “dripping” craze, making it more like using a tank than previously seen.

vape juice1

Series mods use more than one battery and are based on the way they are wired together and result in several times more voltage than the usual single battery mod.

Parallel mods will always keep the voltage the same as that of one battery, essentially the opposite of a series mod. The batteries share the load of the coils resistance and make sure that no one battery takes the weight.


Unregulated mods don’t have any coil resistance and have little to no electronics to break or short circuit. On top of this, they are easily fixable, uncomplicated in understanding, require no instruction manual and are simply designed. The power here is almost limitless.


Unregulated mods are not for beginners and will also accept any resistance atomizer, even if the battery is drained. On top of this, the vape juice is used up as the battery power goes down.


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