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New Research Shows The Positives Of Vaping

As vaping becomes less of a new craze and more of an everyday occurrence, more and more research is emerging about its use over the past few years. Although the effects of long term vape use can’t be determined as of yet due to the hobby only having existed for the past decade, there is still short term research on addiction which can be analysed and assessed. This is why a new study heftily entitled Prevalence of population smoking cessation by electronic cigarette use status in a national sample of recent smokers was published in the American journal Addictive Behaviours. These studies allowed people to gage the effects of vaping and its correlation with quitting smoking.

Who took the study?

The study was part of Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health and the Rutgers School of Public Health. These two educational bodies collaborated via data which was made public by the National Health Interview Survey. This survey is a general census of US citizen health and makes it far easier for researchers to compile data which could benefit the health of the general populace. If there was any doubt over the legitimacy of the results found, these can be quelled by the fact that other factors in the prediction of quitting smoking were controlled, meaning that a focus on vaping was kept as the main point of interest. The subjects of the study were smokers and former smokers who quit between 2010 and 2015. The aim of the study was to find out how effective switching to electronic cigarettes was in the curbing of smoking, using the ways people quit as the central point of interest.

What were the results?

The results showed that people who vaped daily and also smoked were three times more likely to quit cigarettes. It also showed that vaping was a popular choice of substitute, over other smoking cessation devices such as nicotine gum and patches.  This was evidenced by the fact that half the smokers trying to quit smoking chose e-cigarettes as their tool of choice. In another study from the University of California San Diego Study found results which further backed up this evidence. They found that more smokers who tried to quit smoking were also vapers, twice as many of whom could fully quit.

What does it mean?

For those who are still sceptical about the benefits of vaping, more and more evidence is building up to show how effective it can be as a smoking cessation tool. This evidence from various recent studies also shows how safe it is compared to smoking. As the evidence mounts, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for pro-tobacco companies and lobbyists to justify their views.

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