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How To Calculate Ohms Law

Many people new to vaping will happily vape without knowing how this important mathematical equation ties in with e-cigarettes. Seeing as vaping heats up its e-juice without fire, it’s down to the electronic circuitry within the device to heat up and vaporise the liquid, the connection between the atomiser and the e-liquid itself. This is why on many of the more advanced devices you’ll find that there’s a display showing the Ohm measurement. This is important as vapers can use these settings to adjust the power at which they are vaping. So, what exactly is Ohms law? And why is it that once you’ve mastered it, you’ve mastered the art of customisable vaping?

History of Ohms Law

Back in 1825, German Physicist George Ohm picked up on research done almost fifty years before by Henry Cavendish into electric circuits. Using research into heat conduction, using thermocouples and a galvanometer to measure the electric current through it. Using different measurements of wire, he found that his data would vary according to these variables.  Eventually he founded the basics of Ohms law. This is the rule that the current between two points varies depending on the voltage across them, articulating the concept of resistance for the first time.

The equation

The equation for Ohms law is that the voltage equals the current times resistance of the electric current. This means that if you want to find the current (I) of the electric circuit then you must divide the Voltage (V) by the Resistance (R).

For the Wattage, or power of your circuit, times the voltage by the current. So that’s P= V X I.

The Resistance of the circuit equals the Voltage divided by the current, so R = V / I.

The voltage of a circuit is the resistance times the current, so V = I X R.

How this relates to vaping

On every vape device you’ll find the Wattage and voltage at which it runs. Using Ohms law above, you can adjust your setting so that you’re using power that you can adjust to your liking. This will mean that if your battery is running low or your ejuice is running low, you can adjust your settings to get more use out of it or super power your vape device so as to get a more intense hit.

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