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How To Build a Coil

The coil, or the atomiser head, is the portion of wire which connects the e-liquid with the battery. It is this wire through which the electric current runs through and charges the e-liquid, heating it up and therefore turning into vapour. This connection is crucial for the vape to work and although small, is an important of the internal workings of the vape. This connection however, must be replaced once the wire has worn down and therefore most vapers will need to learn how to build their own coil if looking at customising their vaping experience. Customising a coil means that you can adjust the power of your vape and thereby gain more control over and more satisfaction from your vaping experience.

What different types of vape coil are there?

The vaping experience is endlessly customisable. Therefore, you can find different shapes and sizes of coil. These are the macro, the largest one, micro, the medium sized coil, and the nano coil which, as you can probably tell by its name, is the smallest. Depending on the power you’re looking for, these coil types are adjustable and vape device size related.

Most devices come with either a bottom coil or a top coil, meaning they are located near the bottom of your vape device or at the top. These can easily be replaced by taking the bottom or top off your vape and placing the new vape coil in there.

But how do you make a coil?

It’s all well and good knowing where to install a pre-made coil in your device, but what do you need to make your own coils? It’s simple really, and you’ll only need a few tools to make a dual or single one. It may take you a few goes and there is an art to it, but everyone is capable of making their own signature coils.

Tools you’ll need

You’ll need a few tools to help you on your way. These include the coil material itself – resistance wire which can be made from every day kanthal, stainless steel or nickel wire. You’ll also need a pair of wire cutters, or flash cutters. These specific cutters are able to cut wire in narrow and small spaces. You’ll also need a pair of tweezers with which you’ll pinch your coils as well as a small metal rod such as a screwdriver. For your wicking material, you’ll need organic cotton or whatever wicking material you prefer.

Building your coil

So, down to the building. To build a coil, use a metal rod which correlates to the size of your coil wire and begin wrapping your wire round it. Create a lip for the first turn so that you can get some leverage using it. Once you’ve begun twisting the wire round the metal rod, make sure that each wrap around of coil is even and compact. Once you’ve wrapped the wire to the preferred side, cut the wire with your wire cutters and get ready to install in your vape alongside your wicking material which, according to the preferred size, can be trimmed with a pair of scissors. You can use the same technique for a dual coil, which essentially means wrapping two pieces of wire round each other and as complex as it looks, uses pretty much the same process.

Devices which will help

Building coils isn’t for everyone, especially if you’re running low on time. Whilst you can also buy pre-made coils, you can also find assistance in building coils using devices such as a coil jig which make the process slightly easier.

One of the best ways to learn how to make a coil is by watching the process yourself. There is plenty of material on YouTube which will show you how the process is undertaken, and if you don’t have internet, then watch a friend make theirs.

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