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Why Should You Kick Cigarettes And Turn To Vapes?

When trying to quit smoking, people always have an excuse to fall off the wagon. Whether it’s to do with stress, social smoking or you just find it hard to cut the craving, there’s always a reason you start again. The problem with going cold turkey is the week of irritability, the constant craving and yearning for a cigarette. That’s why many smokers turn to vaping as an alternative which doesn’t require going cold turkey. Vaping lets you curb your addiction to nicotine through better vape flavours, with a far more sociable hobby. And that’s just it, vaping can be a hobby, especially with the masses of do it yourself vape mixing kits out there and events and competitions dedicated to it. Even so, there are still people who are apprehensive about vaping who don’t know all the facts. Many people still think that it’s not a viable way to quit smoking, and there are those who believe it is no better than the former habit itself.

Your health will benefit

Due to the lack of tobacco substances and the associated chemicals within it, you’re greatly minimising the damage to your body. With substances like carbon monoxide and even cyanide within tobacco, studies have shown that vaping is at least 95% safer, decreasing your risks of diseases such as cancer and emphysema. For a longer, healthier and happier life vaping is definitely the better and safer alternative.

 Nicotine addiction isn’t the only reason you smoke

They call smoking a habit, and that it definitely is. On top of the addiction to nicotine within tobacco, it’s also the habit and routine of smoking that you are addicted to. Much like anything, bad routines can be hard to beat, the satisfaction of rolling a roll up or stepping outside for five minutes to your self are just as potent a ritual when it comes to smoking. Finding an alternative which lets you retain these habits without the damaging effects of tobacco smoke is difficult. Examples of alternatives include a cup of tea or eating and peeling pistachio nuts. These give you something to do with your hands whilst also acting as that five minute break. Of course, these aren’t nearly as effective and aren’t quite the same as vaping, which gives you a similar object to smoke on as a regular cigarette. It also gives you that extra feeling of inhaling a distinct tasting substance whislt also scratching that nicotine craving.

Less strain on the bank account

Vaping can be far better value for money, especially since the new tobacco regulation laws came into effect in May this year. For a 15 to 20 a day smoker, vaping can save you around £4 a day which amounts to a massive £1500 a year. On top of this, with deals on vaping products from companies such as Noble Vaping, you’re more than likely to save even more on buy one get one free deals and cut price clearance sales. These are simply not legal in the tobacco world any more, meaning that if you know where to look, £1500 savings a year could be pushed even further.


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