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Are Electronic Cigarettes Really Safe?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably come across somebody vaping in the past few years. This is because they’ve grown in popularity tenfold since their introduction as a smoking alternative. Although they exist predominantly as a means to give up smoking and in a far healthier capacity, many have taken it on recreationally either with nicotine content or without, due to the sheer pleasure of it. One of the draws to the hobby is that when you breathe in the vape mixture, a meld of harmless chemicals such as vegetable glycerine and water vapour, you are not breathing in any of the carbon monoxide, tar and smoke, but rather a flavoured water vapour mixture.

This has become one of the main draws for struggling smokers, the damage to the body is far lower than that of smoking and if you want it to, vaping can still itch that nicotine craving for you as well as emulating the behaviour of smoking, meaning you can kick the habit in small steps. Addiction can be a daunting thing to overcome, and many find that e cigarettes make it manageable and fun.

Despite the appeal, there are some worries about e cigarettes london and their effects on the world. We have collated a few of the most serious ones, assessing how real these worries about the smoking alternative really are.


Could it fuel and be a gateway to nicotine addiction?

One of the main worries about e cigarettes is that it has the potential to get even more people addicted to nicotine. Whilst more and more young people are indeed turning to vaping as a fun hobby, this doesn’t necessarily mean more people will become addicted to nicotine. With many nicotine content options for vaping, many non-smokers have the option of vaping with no nicotine in their e liquid whatsoever. On top of this, those who are addicted to nicotine can slowly wean themselves off by gradually lowering their nicotine content levels. Professor Ann Mcneill from Kings College London states that “Cigarettes are so uniquely dangerous that we need to be encouraging smokers to stop smoking as soon as possible, and if they can’t do that with our help then e-cigarettes are a very important way of doing so.”

Toxins in e-cigarettes

On top of this the worry for many is that there has not been a huge amount of research into the long term effects of vaping and the potential toxins that are within them. However, the drastically lower level of toxins in vaping products than tobacco products means that there’s a real incentive to get people to swap the tobacco for the ejuice. Professor Jon Britton from the University of Nottingham is a leading thinker on vaping. He says that the levels of toxins in e-cigarettes “are extremely low relative to tobacco smoke” and therefore, on an objective level it is a great way to lessen the damage to your body.

Although there is still research to be done, vaping is clearly a far healthier alternative than smoking tobacco and is promoted by leading experts in tobacco safety and regulation.




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