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The wait is over as the highly anticipated Element NS20 range hits stores this month. The Element range has already won the Best Tobacco of the Show award for the Ns20 555 tobacco flavour at the Vaper Expo UK 2017 and the company itself has always been the trailblazer of the vaping industry, always finding new innovations and continuously moving the industry forward.

Salt based Nicotine

One of the element of the Element brand which has made them straddle the much sought after line of being both popular and revolutionary is that they use a new Nicotine salt based liquid. This liquid has a large 20 mg nicotine, overtaking other liquids in regards to a larger nicotine content. This 20 mg is available in 10 mg as well, so there’s even more choice in the Element’s PREMIUM Dripper, FAR, emulsions and tobacconist lines. Ns20 however, takes the Nicotine Salt revolution to a whole new level.

So what is Nicotine Salt?

Often cited as being more “satisfying” than other freebase nicotine eliquids, Nic Salt is a form of processed nicotine which is sued in vape juices. The reason for its satisfaction ratings is that it’s far easier to inhale and therefore less harsh on the throat to inhale and allows more nicotine per puff to get into the system. This is mostly down to its biocompatibility, being a more organic vape juice, it sits easier within the vaper. Many low powered devices seem to work well with Nic Salt due to its smoothness and extra potency in regards to nicotine content.

Who are Element?

Element are a vape company who have been running since 2013 as one of the most progressive vape retailers out there. Run by CEO David Botton, Element are without a doubt on the edge of the cutting edge when it comes to vaping technology. With a range of bestselling products already on the market, NS20 are sure to pull in even more avid vape fans than previous popular flavours such as Pink Lemonade and Watermelon Chill, which will now be available in the Ns20 range as well.

With the already internationally renowned reputation of Element vapes and a history of incredible vaping innovations, it’s no wonder that the trend setting new company’s most recent addition is already making waves before its release.

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