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Introducing The New Suorin Air Vaporizer Starter Kit


With so much high quality choice now on the market, it’s difficult to choose exactly which Vape kit to start with. We’re always looking for the next best thing so that your choice can be narrowed down to only the creme de la creme of the vaping world. That’s how we came across the innovative Suorin Air vape kit.

What is so special about the Suorin Air?

The Suorin air is one of the most revolutionary devices on the market, with so many bulky devices that hardly fit in your pocket, the Suorin Air is streamlined and easy to use. What’s more, it comes from the manufacturers of the IPhone, which is why it has such a similar aesthetic which makes it no bigger than a credit card.


What are the Suorin Air’s innovations?

The Suorin Air is so small that it has become a frontrunner in the covert vaping trend, making it even easier to have a subtle session when that craving hits. With a 0.3 inch depth, a 3.3 inch length and a 1.6 inch width, the Suorin Air is one of the smallest vapes available. On top of this it can be fit in your pocket or wallet as easy as anything else.


30 Minute recharge

Due to its size, it takes no time at all to fully recharge, 30 minutes to be precise, and this makes it easy to pick up and go with hours of vaping power at your disposal with the least amount of waiting time possible. The battery itself is a 400 mAH integral and is simple to recharge and put back together.

Refillable Cartridges

You may also be wondering about its small size and how this may affect how much vape juice you can fit in it. It is true that this is pocket size, but with the 2 ml refillable cartridge installed, you can be sure you’ll get enough eliquid inside the cartridge to last you the day. With a simple syringing, you can refill your Suorin Air in no time at all from your eliquid bottle. If you’re looking for functionality then the Suorin is your go to vape starting kit.



The Suorin Air is available in Black, gun-metal, gold, rose gold and silver, giving you a diverse range of options when it comes to design. As a starter Vape, you’ll want one that reflects on your personality and with such an expansive range of bold colours, the Suorin certainly will.

Low Prices

With so many designs on the market, it’s not surprising that the Suorin Air is so sought after and goes out of stock so fast. To add to its draw is the fact that it’s only £24.99 and extra refillable cartridges can be bought for a price of £4.99 each. An absolute bargain considering the amount of designs.

Great Vape Clouds

You wouldn’t be blamed for thinking that such a small device would pack light on cloud. But with its pocket sized punch of battery power, there’s no denying that this little vape device brings as much flavour as any other device on the market, and with added style.


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