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Introducing Noble Vaping TPD Compliant E-Liquids

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already been blown away by the astounding variety that can be found in store at Noble Vaping. Whether you’re looking for your very first starter pack or are a seasoned vape veteran, it’s almost a certainty that you’ll find something to float your e-liquid boat. With so many flavours and a sea of innovative devices, it can often choose to be pick exactly what hits the spot. That’s the problem with so much variety, it’s hard to pick just one. That’s why we’ve made it easier for you; our own e-liquid range from Noble are great simple flavours which have been handpicked and mixed with the dedication and passion that makes us one of the best in the country. Below you can find some more information on the Noble flavours we have on offer.

Blue Slush

If you’re looking for a fruity vape blend that reflects the childhood nostalgia of slush puppies, those icy summer sweetness that is so popular when you were taken to the cinema and the park, then Noble’s Blue Slush may be the vape juice for you. Made from a tantalising mix of blueberries and raspberries, you can be sure to get a cool exhale and refreshing hit of British summer fruits.


There’s no messing around with the Blueberry flavour. If you’re looking for something that’ll bring to mind summer fruits on the exhale and keep your tastes simply sweet, then this is the vape for you. We all know there are too many blueberry flavoured e-liquids on the market, all which are over complicated with creaminess, sweeteners or some sort of dessert touch. However our Blueberry is a straight up Blueberry with no messing about.

Creamy Custard

Give yourself a treat with our indulgent creamy custard vape juice. With hints of Vanilla, this one’s a soft all dayer which you’ll never want to put down. The problem with some pudding vapes is that they can sometimes be overwhelming and sickly. The best thing about the Creamy Custard vape is that it may still be a sweet treat vape, but its flavours are perfectly balanced so as not to become a novelty.


Golden Blend

This is a good Vape for those trying to find a healthier alternative to smoking tobacco. With its smoky and bitter golden Virginia tobacco flavour, this as close to smoking as you’ll get without the harmful chemicals.

Heises Tropical Menthol

For a refreshingly fruity flavour that is absolutely buzzing with life, try the Heises Tropical Menthol. The tropical fruit undertone balances impeccably with the menthol exhale, making this one for those who like to have fruity but fresh breath.

Iced Menthol

A great alternative to menthol cigarettes, this cool and crisp flavour will keep your breath minty fresh all day as this vape is hard to put down. We all know Frost by Element E-liquids or Subzero by Purity E-liquids but this one is a cross in between. Ensuring you get a perfectly balanced iced menthol hit.


Mixed Berries

With so many different berry flavours packed into one bottle, this is truly an explosion of fruity flavours in one vape. With each berry, including raspberry, blueberry and strawberry being balanced perfectly in the inhale and exhale, the more you vape it, the more notes you’ll notice. If you like to mix your e-liquids then I would highly recommend mixing this with Iced Menthol by Noble Vaping.

Pink Lemonade

What’s better on a summer’s afternoon than a refreshing pink lemonade? With this flavour bringing a tangy zing to your day it’ll feel like drinking the real thing. You can be sure for some strong notes of lemon, which really give this fizzy flavour a real kick.


Red Berries

With strong overtones of red berries, this sweet fruity flavour is also infused with black grape, eucalyptus, aniseed and menthol to create a bold and innovative flavour that works surprisingly well.


Another strong and simple flavour from Noble Vaping. The Strawberry really packs a fruity punch and tastes exactly like the real thing.

We may have narrowed down your choices, but even with the Noble Vaping Brand, you’ve still got a lot of choice on vape juices. What’s so great about our 10 ml bottles with 3 mg nicotine content, is that each bottle is only £4.99 so you won’t be making a dent in the finances if you buy more than one. What’s more, you can buy 3 bottles for £12.99, saving you 65p a bottle. Each vape juice has a 70vg/30pg ratio and have flavours to satisfy and cater to all tastes.



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