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Vape Mixing And Nicotine Boosting – All You Need To Know

As of last month a whole range of new laws in the Tobacco and Related Products Regulations has tightened its grip over the vaping community. Not only are there new laws for tobacco products, but vaping as well, due to their nicotine content. These laws have caused an uproar in the vaping community due to the curbing on bottle sizes for Ejuices.

Although this means that many vaping products may come off the market, there is a positive side in the fact that it forces vapers and vape makers to get more creative. It is said that the best creative endeavours come from embracing creative restrictions and the same goes for vaping. For those who are unhappy with the vaping laws, especially concerning bottle sizes and nicotine strength, there are measures you can take that require a little bit of DIY vaping on behalf of the vaper.


The Wonders of Nicotine Boosting
Nicotine boosting is a brilliant and completely legal way to convert any non-nicotine containing ejuice into either 3 mg or 6 mg containing bottles. Although nicotine containing bottles now have a maximum size of 10 millilitres, non-nicotine ejuices are legally allowed contain more. This has led to companies such as PlusNic creating nicotine shots which can transform a larger bottle of non-nicotine juice into e liquid with that extra kick. All you have to do is add some of the liquid from the nicotine shot bottle to your non nicotine vape juice. This has worked wonders in the vape community under the strict new laws and means that with a dash of creativity, you get more bang for your buck, more freedom being permitted to enable you to explore your own tastes.




One of the great things about Nicotine Boosters is their versatility. Most of them have been designed to work across the huge canvass of eliquid flavours, meaning that whether you chose sweet or savoury flavours, your mixing potentials will always be satisfying. These Nicotine Boosters come in three different PG/VG mixes, further increasing their wide variety. These are 50/50, higher VG versions of 70/30 and even 80/20 for those who prefer sub ohm vaping. What’s more, Nicotine shots are easily dissolvable, making them quick to boost any good quality eliquid on the market.


There is a potential downside though. If you’re using a 60 millilitre bottle of eliquid, you’d potentially have to pour out around 10 ml of it so as to make room for the nicotine shot you’re pouring in. Some vapers would not be happy with wasting a sixth of the eliquid you’ve paid for and therefore would deem it better to just buy the smaller nicotine containing bottles. However, non-nicotine containing ejuice makers have thought about this. It is now possible to buy 50 ml bottles of nicotine-less ejuices in bottles of 60 ml, leaving space to add your nicotine. Although there are a few more moving parts to the process, it’s still an easy, fun and adaptable way to get more satisfaction and more value from your vaping experience.

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