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As ever more people convert from smoking to vaping, we have swathes of new people entering the endless world of vaping. This means that more and more companies are coming out with new kits, designed especially for those newcomers, looking to test the water with simple yet powerful vape kits. That being said, these kits are not only for vaping newbies, but can be enjoyed by all ages. Noble Vaping in Shoreditch is there to look out for vaping veterans and e cig entrants alike, with it’s wide range of powerful vaping equipment, juice and software as well as it’s easy read manuals and video tutorials giving new vapers a great how to for the tasty world of vaping.

But for those starting out in the vaping world, there’s no better device to start with than the aspire Pockex. With satisfied customers all over the country, we’re sure that this is up there with the best starter kits out at the moment.

Where does the Aspire Pockex come from?

Before you invest in their products, it’s always a good idea to know a little bit more about the company. The Aspire brand was created in 2013 and over the past four years has become internationally renowned as one of the best vaping product companies out there. With over 25 patented products, Aspire devices are designed and manufactured by the team themselves and therefore don’t lazily outsource work to other companies. Once designed the Aspire Products are built in Shenzhen, China at a factory who have over ten years’ worth of e-cig creating experience. With high level R & D teams, Aspire are dedicated to creating the most innovative and satisfying products out there.


The Aspire Pockex

So what makes the Aspire Pockex one of the best starter vape devices out there? As a compact vaping device, it is easy to carry around with you due to the lack of bulk. This is due to the fact that it is a vape pen and therefore lightweight and easy to use. It also resembles a cigarette more than some of the other devices out there and therefore is a great starter for those transitioning form smoking cigarettes.

The Aspire Pockex integrates the vape tank and 1500 mAh battery but is also easy to take apart for quick and simple cleaning and coil replacing. Being leak resistant, the device is still capable of holding a hefty 2ml capacity in a top filling tank. What’s more, the Aspire Pockex is compatible with the Aspire Nautilus X coil for satisfying mouth to lung vaping. For those who prefer their vape to go straight to the lungs, the PockeX coil works at 0.6 ohms and is also compatible with the Aspire Pockex starter kit. This means that not only is this vape suitable for those who are new to vaping, but for those who are looking to try new ways and new methods to vape, taking crucial advantage of the Pockex’s versatility.

What you get

Alongside the Aspire Pockex, a range of appliances and accessories also come with the vape.

. 1 Aspire PockeX Kit

. A 0.6 ohm preinstalled coil and one spare.

. 1 micro USB cable.

. 1 user and warranty manual.

The Aspire Pockex has

. 2 ml top fill tank capacity.

. Leak proof design.

. No spill coil swap system.

. 1500 mAh

. A built-in battery.

. Easy to disassemble and clean.

. Is compatible with sub oh and mouth to lung coils.

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