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How to Stop Your E-Cig Spitting E-Liquid

As with the majority of things, when you begin to try something new it may be a case of altering and adjusting your technique, or getting to know your equipment in order to familiarise yourself with how it works. Getting to grips with things can prove to be a daunting and rather difficult concept at first, but once you get the hang of things you immediately become more confident.

This is certainly true when it comes to smoking an e-cigarette. If you have only just recently started smoking e-cigarettes, and have found yourself with unwanted liquid in your mouth more than once (thoroughly unpleasant, and of course e-liquid is definitely not something which should be swallowed!) then this will likely have been caused by e-liquid leaking from the e-cig cartridge or chamber. This then seeps through the mouthpiece into your mouth, and is anything but pleasant. The experience will not only leave you with a bitter aftertaste in your mouth, as it may sting a little too.



In order to prevent this from occurring, the following tips should most definitely be saved for future reference:

  • Some atomizer/coil heads use rubber tops in order to form a seal to prevent liquid from going up central tubing of clearomizers and into your mouth. If the rubber top is removed then the liquid is then free to go up the clearomizer into your mouth as soon as the device is used. You must ensure that your seal is intact before use.
  • Avoid over-filling your e-cigarette. Take great care when filling, and make sure that you act with accuracy and precision. If you do over-fill your e-cigarette cartridge, use an absorbent paper or kitchen roll to clean the excess, and then thoroughly clean the e-cigarette according to the instructions given by the manufacturer.
  • When smoking an e-cig do not hold it up vertically, or at a slanted angle. If the end of the e-cigarette is higher than the mouthpiece this makes it easy for any leaked or loose e-juice to make its way into your mouth. You must keep an e-cigarette horizontal, so perhaps smoking in bed is a no-no!
  • Ensure that the atomizer head/coil is firmly screwed into the base of the clearomizer, as sometimes they arrive loose on delivery or after a coil/atomizer change. Loose coil heads allow liquid to leak out of clearomizers, and up central consoles into the mouth.
  • If the coil/atomizer head has become worn or damaged, or has come to the end of its life expectancy, then this will also cause leaking of e-liquids. Try and replace the coil/atomiser head immediately, as this is a common issue.
  • If you have taken the e-cigarette apart, cleaned it, refilled it and tried to using an alternative replacement coil/atomizer head, and still have issues then maybe it is time to contact the manufacture directly for some advice.
  • You could also try a small stainless steel screen in the bottom of the drip tip-the kind you put in your kitchen taps. This may diffuse some of the vapour, but it will also stop the majority of the spit back. Make sure that it is somewhat sterile, and is not composed of any bad materials. soiffuse some of the vapour, but it will also stop the majority of the spit back. Make sure that it is somewhat n’t com

All you have to do is follow these handy hints and you will be able to vape with ease, without having to worry about any loose liquid getting free. Most mistakes made are extremely common, and everyone has encountered issues from time to time, so if things do not go according to plan then there is no need to worry.

Most solutions are simple and affordable, and if you spot an issue immediately then you will save both time and money in the long run. If you ignore potential problems then this could prove to be costly, so act on impulse if you begin to notice any changes in the way your e-cig functions.

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