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Simple Steps to Take if Your E-Cig Tastes Burnt

Although it may not happen very often, some vapers have reported metallic or burnt tastes when using their electronic cigarettes. There are a number of determining factors which will help target the cause of these off-putting aftertastes, so here are a few reasons why you might have an unpleasant aftertaste after vaping:

•    The first thing which springs to mind when detecting an unpleasant taste is that there must be something wrong with the e-liquid itself. It is true that not all juices are of the highest quality, so it is recommended that you always source products from a reputable, established vendor. However, in the majority of instances the burnt or metallic taste has less to do with the e-liquid and a lot more with the condition of the cartomizer/atomizer and the way in which you are using the e-cigarette.

•    Electronic cigarette components do not necessarily have to be overused or worn out in order to produce a nasty taste. In fact, often you taste manufacturing or machining residues on brand new cartomizers or atomizers. These include coatings, traces of adhesives, machine oil and coatings on the silica fibers of the wick.

•    Sometimes, e-cig consumables contain far too much of these things, and the e-liquid then absorbs them, giving you a nasty aftertaste. The safest and most effective way in which to get rid of it without damaging or ruining your unit is to burn through the residues directly by using the e-cigarette without inhaling. Just puff on it a couple of times and you will notice the bad taste begins to disappear.


•    There are other ways of removing unwanted chemical elements on your cartridges if you are not entirely comfortable using them in their current condition. You can clear away the excess primer by blowing air from the bottom and top ends of the cartomizer, rinsing thoroughly with alcohol and then blowing again. It is an effective and efficient method, and beats soaking the parts in strong solvents or water as this can affect their performance significantly.

•    The burnt taste is usually caused by two key factors; gunk build-up on the atomizer coil, ora dry wicking material. There probably isn’t a single electronic cigarette user who has never experienced at least a slightly burnt aftertaste. It happens every time your cartridge (cartomizer) gets dry, and the coil begins to burn the filler. So it is therefore important to regularly add more e-liquid as you vape, as this will prevent the polyfill material from becoming burnt.

•    A clear indicator that you are running low on juice is the drop in flavour and vapour production when you begin to draw on an e-cig. Although this happens to a number of vapers, those who choose to ignore the slightly burnt taste and instead continue to vape will ruin the cartomizer. Once a large portion of the filler material has burned the nasty aftertaste is virtually impossible to remove, and you will have to change your cartridge for a new one.

•    In some instances there is nothing actually wrong with the electronic cigarette or the e-liquid inside. Newer vapers tend to use the e-cigarette far more than they need to, and this sometimes mutes their taste buds, so they think they are getting dry hits. Long-term use of menthol has been known to cause this more than other flavours, but it can happen with pretty much any type of e-liquid if it is vaped excessively. Regularly switching flavours is highly recommended, as this will prevent taste bud muting from occurring.

If you follow these simple steps then you can avoid experiencing a burnt, nasty aftertaste and guarantee a longer shelf-life for your e-cigarette. Remember that cartridges may not need changing as often as you think, and do not over-vape, as this will not help matters. If you err on the side of caution then you will avoid making any mistakes and can vape to your heart’s content!

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