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Froot Razberi E-Liquid Review


When it comes to vaping, there are so many different products available on today’s market that it can be difficult knowing which product would best befit your personal needs, and suit all bespoke requirements. Everyone has different preferences, as some may prefer sweeter, more aromatic vapes, whilst others might lean towards something a little more savoury.

Froot’s main aim is to provide consumers with e-liquids which do exactly what they say on the tin. That means no gimmicks, no misleading information, and no complicated jargon to get your head around. They are all about simplicity and effectiveness, and offer only the most sought-after e-juices which bear the hallmark of unrivalled quality and excellence.

The flavour profile described by Froot is indeed straightforward and to the point -but incredibly accurate. They describe the Froot Razberi e-liquid as “simple, sweet, fresh raspberries-and lots of them!” and nothing could be closer to the truth. Each and every bottle is a delightful hit of fruity goodness, crammed with fresh, fragrant flavours.

Razberi is an incredible concoction of just-ripe raspberries in a subtle, fruity vape which lasts the whole day. It is a vape which will never tire the taste-buds, and makes the user come back for more every time.

It is  70/30 high VG e-liquid, and is handcrafted to perfection. Manufactured in the USA, it has been created by seasoned professionals, with the consumer in mind. Even after 7 days the wick does not need changing, and it is not overly sweet, so you will not get tired of it. Most juices can gunk up your coils and burn them out extremely quickly, but Razberi is in a completely different league.


The succulent sweetness of Razberi comes through extremely well on both RDA and Tank devices. If you demonstrate the Razberi on a Goon LP on a Kanthak 22 gauge,  5 wraps, 3mm diameter at 75 watts you can really taste the raspberries as they come through nice and sharp, yet are not too tart.

On the Smok TFV8 Baby it also came through extremely well, with the raspberry flavour and juiciness hitting at the same time; but a little less sweet. The 3mg is ideal and has a mild, subtle throat-hitting sensation, unlike most of the new branded, modern 3mg’s on the market, which are either too light or otherwise too harsh.

Razberi comes in a large 60ml frosted glass bottle. The design and overall appearance of the bottle is chic, stylish and contemporary, and the flavour is intense and perfect for those who enjoy a sweet treat or two. A pipette will suffice, but a 60ml chubby gorilla unicorn is perfect for guaranteed ease of access.

As far as dessert flavours go, it is far tastier than other vapes which have proved popular in recent times. From apple pie to blueberry muffins, flavours go, it is far tastier than other vapes which have proved popular in recent times. From apple pie to bcinnamon pudding to creme caramel-there is something which will suit all tastes and personal preferences. Standard, run of the mill flavours such as menthol, vanilla and plain old tobacco have been replaced by more outlandish,

All Day Vape - 8/10
Coil friendly - 9/10

Flavour Profile matches the juice - 10/10
Price value - 9/10


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