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The Key Differences between Rebuildable Atomizers

Rebuildable atomizers are popular amongst experienced vapers, as they require experience in order to work proficiently. Those that vape on a more infrequent basis will certainly look into purchasing these devices, should they want something which guarantees flavour and enhances the overall experience.

However, there are different kinds of rebuildables available on the market, so it can be difficult knowing which atomizer will suit your individual needs. Typical examples include:

  • RDA (Re-Drippable Atomizers)

An RDA offers users the opportunity to use a widespread range of building materials, so they can select the right product which suits their vaping needs. It is essentially an inflated form of a pre-made coil which normally goes into sub-ohm tanks. An RDA is principally a base unit with a 510 thread, which connects onto any regulated mod. It is typically fastened with “posts” planted directly onto the deck.

Some variations include 2 post, 3 post, 4 post and postless decks. Each and every RDA has an airflow control and top cap, which gives the user even more variety when it comes to variable airflow control, mouth tips and wide boar mouth tips. Beginners are advised to use the 4 post variation, which can be located on basic RDA units, such as the twisted messes 1, royal hunter RDA and the mutation x4.

RDAs are fantastic when it comes to flavour and cloud production, as it ensures vibrant, pleasant taste sensations every time.

Re-Drippable Atomizers   RDA

  • RDTA (Rebuildable Drippping Tank Atomizer

The RDTA is similar to an RDA, but the juice is situated well below the coils, allowing users to be able to control the drip flow more easily. The cotton wick is longer, and positioned downwards towards the well from the coil, so dripping can be reduced significantly. Most

RDTAs can also be used as an RDA unit as well, so users do not have to continuously drip e-liquid after every 5-8 puffs.

It will typically drip more than a normal RDA, but the flavour is intense and full, and lasts a long time.


  • RTA (Rebuildable Tank Atomizer

When you open the base to change your coils, an RTA does not take pre-made cotton coils. Instead, there is a deck unit which you have to install coils into, and then wick it yourself. Most RTA units are single coil (Ammit tank, OBS Mini), but they can also be dual coil (Gemini RTA, Griffin 25mm plus). The most common post you will discover in an RTA unit is velocity style, which is 2 post and much easier-and simpler-to build your coils on.

Once the coils have been installed and the cotton wick is ready, make sure that you wick the RTA carefully, with the greatest accuracy and precision. There could be a small juice flow for juices in the tank to continuously keep reflowing into the wick, keeping the cotton saturated with juice.

Even though RTA units will drink juice faster than pre-made coils, you do not need to change a wick every 2/3 days as it is in a closed unit.

rebuildable tank atomizer 

  • RBA (Re-Buildable Atomizer

The RBA is similar to an RTA, but with RTAs you have to build your own coils in order for it to operate productively. With subohm tanks such as the top tank mini, they give you the chance to use pre-made SSOCC coils. Alternatively, the user can install the RBA section which looks identical to a pre-made coil, but gives the user the option of opening an RBA coil unit, and expanding its building capabilities.

Wicking an RBA unit is simple, if you follow the correct guidelines. You do not want to experience dry or burnt hits, as this will leave an unpleasant aftertaste. The juice flow has to soak up enough liquid for the user to experience fantastic flavour, so proceed with caution.

If you take all of these factors into consideration you will find the perfect device which best befits your personal needs.

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