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How Efficient is the Smok G-Priv 220W Touch Screen Mod?

Smok G=Priv

The Smok G-Priv 220W Touch Screen Mod is not your standard, run of the mill box mod. It has a unique touch screen capability and is by far one of the most responsive and effective touch screens on the market.

The mod itself offers a huge 220w of power and has an extremely reliable back battery cover, which takes a lot of work to release. It is sturdy, reliable and efficient, and has a wattage range of between 1W and 220W. The battery life for the mod does extremely well, especially for those who prefer a 0.13ohm resistance and choose to vape on 75-85w. This smart box mod is powered by two 18650 batteries and offers an incredible vaping experience.

Normally, you have to carry around replacement 18650s with most 200w devices, but the GPriv lasts all day, regardless of whether or not you are a power user or an average user. As far as tanks are concerned, there are many compatible options available, such as the big baby beast, the baby beast tank, the TFV 12 cloud beast king and the TFV8 cloud beast. You can use practically any atomiser which has a 510 thread, as well as Smok Tech tanks, and they will fit snugly and comfortably on the G-Priv.

Smok G-Priv unit

One of the best things about the G-Priv 220 is its visually attractive display, complete with bright 2.4” touch screen. With advanced technological features and the option to put the display into standby mode with the lock screen button placed just above the fire button, it is in a league of its own. Another interesting attribute is the “effects” tab located within the VW mode. This “effects” tab enables the user to have soft, hard, normal, min and max, which helps to pre-adjust the mod, and change how hard it will hit when the fire button is triggered.

The G-Priv also offers a bespoke puff counter option, and allows the user to average out how many puffs they need to last one working day and limit themselves to a slightly smaller amount. The maximum puffs limit is one that Smok have used since the X-Cube 2 mod, and is an extremely attractive and useful feature. Most other mods available on the market do not offer this option, which means that the G-Priv is consumer friendly and unique.

G-Priv screen

You can charge the batteries through the device, or alternatively use an external 18650 cable to charge the batteries. User ease has been carried on from previous products (such as the X-cube, H-Priv etc.) to allow a side trigger fire button, so you can simply grip the mod and the fire key will automatically be activated. The trigger is solid and sturdy, and there is very little chance of misfires.

It is similar to the Alien mod by Smok Tech as both have very comparable features. However, the major differences between the two can be found in the innovative touch screen capability of the G-Priv, and the length of battery life. The sturdiness and build quality of the device can easily compete with other mods such as the Minikin V2 or any of the Wismec Reuleaux devices.

With a sleek, modern design and an impressive 2.4” TFT touch control screen, you can manage settings with consummate ease. This smart technology temperature controlled box mod only needs two batteries in order to get going and enables a much better vaping practice all round. Smok innovation keeps changing the vaping experience, so it never feels boring or stale.

The G-Priv 220w is the best box mod Smok Tech have released to the general public. With all of the features solidified into one small box, it is a mod which does not need any upgrading, as it simply doesn’t require any alterations or adjustments.

• Build Quality- 9.5/10
• Appearance- 10/10
• Touchscreen configuration- 9.5/10
• Value for money- 9.5/10
• Features- 10/10

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