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Noble Vaping Blog

  • United Arab Emirates To Include Vaping In Its Smoking Prohibition

    Eleven years ago, the UAE opted in for the World Health Organisation convention on tobacco control and in the past decade have prohibited advertising and sponsorship of tobacco, smoking in enclosed public spaces and there will be absolutely no smoking areas in and near places of worship, sports centres, health... Read More
  • Nicotine detox – how long does nicotine stay in your system for?

    Some salaried jobs may ask you to undergo a blood test for health insurance reasons. The idea here is that by testing the contents of your blood or body, they can assess whether you’re a safe bet for health insurance. Nicotine in the body to a health insurance company has... Read More
  • Do you have a propylene glycol allergy or sensitivity?

    Vaping has commonly been used as a tool for quitting smoking and has led to the healthier lifestyles of many ex-smokers. One problem some have encountered is in something known as PG sensitivity. This has led to vapers not being able to handle one of the main ingredients of vape... Read More
  • 7 Signs You’re Officially A Vaper

    It’s easy to fall into clichés whatever you do. For creatives it’s unwittingly becoming the self-indulgent “tortured artist”, for football fans it’s football chants and being a “lad.” Whatever your hobby or interest, there’s boundless troupes that come alongside letting an aspect of your life overtake the whole. The same... Read More
  • Should We Be Worrying About Popcorn Lung With Vaping

    Popcorn Lung is a disorder which took its name from the original case study of the disorder. Stemming from a chemical named diacetyl, its name came from the fact that the chemical was used to create the buttery texture of popcorn. After a worker at a popcorn factory begun to... Read More
  • How To Store Vape Juice Correctly

    For the novice vaper, storing e juice may seem as easy as putting your food in the cupboard. Vape liquid is just that -  liquid -  right? The short answer is both yes and no. The fact of the matter is that although vape liquid is only made up of... Read More

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