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  • Shoreditch’s Best Independent Shops

    Finding places to shop in Shoreditch isn’t that hard. Between the high rise start up offices and banging bars and music venues, you’ve got a lot to choose from and a whole range of local clientele with great taste. That’s why so many independent boutiques have done so well in... Read More
  • Why can’t the media make up its mind about e-cigarettes?

    So, you click on one article on an online newspaper source and you’re told that new research suggests vaping is unhealthy for you. You click on another one b the same journalist or blogger, and find that he is also saying it’s a safe alternative to smoking. Confusing, right? People... Read More
  • How Much Nicotine Is In Cigarettes Compared To E-Cigarettes

    E-cigarettes are most popular among ex-smokers. This is no surprise when you take into account how vaping is most widely used as a smoking cessation tool. With organisations such as Cancer Research UK promoting e-cigarettes as a safer alternative to smoking tobacco, 98% safer to be precise, you can see... Read More
  • Feasts In East – Where To Eat In Shoreditch And Hoxton

    Vaping only fills you up so much. With great flavours which often taste exactly like the real thing, you’ll be gasping for a cherry pie or even a pizza (yes, there is even pizza flavoured vape juices). Whilst there is a range of top quality Shoreditch Vape Shops in the... Read More
  • Getting To Grips With Vaper Slang

    Vaping is a cultural phenomenon, and much like with the internet and texting, a whole language has developed around it. If it sounds like people are speaking in an alien tongue and there’s a vape cloud near them, they may very well be using vaping terminology. If you’re new to... Read More
  • Six Great Things To Do In Shoreditch

    Shoreditch is a killer area, not just because of its Jack the Ripper history but for when it comes to top attractions as well. With Shoreditch vape shops abound, you’ll have no problem finding some of the best things to do in London. With trendy bars, a vibrant arts scene... Read More

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