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Noble Vaping Blog

  • How To Increase Your Coils Lifespan

    Not only are coils one of the most important elements to keep a vape device working, but if they fail, it could have damaging effects on your health.  No one wants a burnt vape coil. Whilst an over saturated atomiser head and wick might make it harder to vape and... Read More
  • Why Shoreditch Is The Must-See London Neighbourhood

    London is a huge city with over fifteen hundred square kilometres of space. So where do you start if you’re visiting?  You’re never far from intrigue in the city of London, whether it’s the beautiful South Bank or the rich history of Kensington, there’s always somewhere to go. Each area... Read More
  • Why Were American Vape Companies Sent Warning Letters From The FDA?

    With so much controversy surrounding vaping, what led to the FDA warning vape companies across the US?  The Food and Drug Administration and the Federal Trade Commission this week sent warning letters to the proprietors of thirteen different vape manufacturers telling them to cease and desist in their apparent marketing... Read More
  • What To Expect From Your First Time Vaping

    Everyone has a first time, so what will yours be like?  Everyone remembers the first time they tried a vape. Perhaps they didn’t like it at first, or maybe it was love at first sight. The fact remains, that there are a few things you have to keep a tab... Read More
  • Asthma And Vaping – All You Need To Know

    Although vaping is known to be at least 98 percent safer than smoking, there are still some respiratory diseases which, if you’re a vape and suffer from, you’ll need to keep an eye on. Vaping has been known to decrease the risk of cancer and bronchitis for ex-smokers, since smoking... Read More
  • Switzerland Breaks New Ground And Overturns Vape Ban

    With so many countries around the world jumping on board the vape wagon, Switzerland is just one in a line of many who are seeing the bright side of vaping.  Switzerland has a history of neutrality, and in the days of pro and anti-vape agendas all across the world, they... Read More

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