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Noble Vaping Blog

  • Studies Show Smoking Is 99% Less Carcinogenic Than Smoking

    One of the main reasons for the rise of vaping and the slow decline in tobacco smokers is it’s theoretical curbing of the dangerous chemicals we inhale. Now studies recently published by St Andrew’s University have shown strong evidence that vaping can be 99% less dangerous and more specifically, less...
  • The Dangers Of Vaping Abroad And How To Prepare

    As such a young industry, it’s often difficult to know where the law stands when it comes to vaping. Many people will want to travel with their devices but could come across a nasty surprise if they end up taking it out in the wrong country. Even in the UK...
  • Regulated And Unregulated Mods – What’s The Difference?

    Whether you’re new to ecigs or a vaping veteran, you may have come across the term “regulated” and “unregulated” whilst talking to vape shop workers. The standard seems in general to be regulated mods, these being the ones that crop up most in the vape device market, whilst unregulated mods...
  • New Research Shows The Positives Of Vaping

    As vaping becomes less of a new craze and more of an everyday occurrence, more and more research is emerging about its use over the past few years. Although the effects of long term vape use can’t be determined as of yet due to the hobby only having existed for...
  • How To Calculate Ohms Law

    Many people new to vaping will happily vape without knowing how this important mathematical equation ties in with e-cigarettes. Seeing as vaping heats up its e-juice without fire, it’s down to the electronic circuitry within the device to heat up and vaporise the liquid, the connection between the atomiser and...
  • Introducing The New Suorin Air Vaporizer Starter Kit

    With so much high quality choice now on the market, it’s difficult to choose exactly which Vape kit to start with. We’re always looking for the next best thing so that your choice can be narrowed down to only the crème de la crème of the vaping world. That’s how...

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