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We've been supplying our customers with incredible deals on vape hardware and liquids since 2010. Our flagship store opened 2016 and demand for what we offer is growing by the day!

In February 2015, I was out one night with a few friends in my car and I had no clue about vaping or even aware of its existence, me and my friends all smoked but I would never smoke in my car as my wife always uses it with the kids and I just always found smoking to feel dirty and make the car grimy. So there I am driving and a friend in the back seat blew some smoke or shall I say vape, I quickly turned around to tell him to stop smoking in the car and he then replied the famous lines “it’s not smoke its vapour”. That moment I stopped the car and asked him all the questions you would normally ask when first seeing a vape device. After listening to him and understanding all the benefits of vaping, I went home that night and done loads of research, looked into all the forums, all the websites I could find and basically studied vaping for the next few days. As I looked around I noticed there were not that many good websites offering enough products or enough of a variety, most did not even sell the top brands and the ones that did, were charging a high price. As I was in my final year of University, didn’t have much money so I thought I want the best product out there and I’m sure if I buy in bulk I will be able to sell the rest and keep one for myself and not lose anything. Within a week of seeing my friend vaping in my car, I had bought my first bulk batch of the best vaping products I could find then started promoting and selling the products to smokers. From there on the demand for vaping products just kept growing and soon after, we had one of the largest ranges of vaping products in the UK, with the best customer service and most competitive prices. Noble Vaping are known as one of the best in the industry for customer service and we always maintain that level of service. My name is Sunny and this is how Noble Vaping started in February 2015. Soon after my brother Sal joined me and now we have a great team of staff who are all extremely experienced in anything vape related. Our main aim is to educate smokers on electronic cigarettes, so we can get us much people away from the thousands of harmful chemicals that real tobacco has. At the same time we want vaping to be affordable and attractive to smokers to not just save their health but also save them money.

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